Why I Love My Husband – 10 Reasons

My husband is driving me nuts. More so than I already am! Chris has been in construction for almost as long as we have been together, he’s owned his own small business for at least the last 10 years. This is the time of year things are slow — like slower than molasses. Which usually […]

A post full of thoughts on unexpected life moments

If you have been a long time follower of my blog, you may have noticed a gradual change over the past year. I have been writing less and less about myself and my family. Sometime I feel like I have let the blog loose my personality. The past 8 months especially, I have rarely shared […]

She’s a good student #proudmom

I love getting random surprise messages from my daughter’s teacher! I thought that since she started middle school this year, that these little notes would be no more. I’m so glad I was wrong! This wonderful note came today from her Math teacher. It was so much fun giving it to her when she got […]

Wordless Wednesday – 38th annual family reunion #ww

It was a chilly yet beautiful day for our family’s annual gathering at this park this past weekend! I didn’t realize it was the 38th year! I have been going for many of those. It’s fun to reconnect with family I don’t get to see often, yet very sad to look around and see all […]

Wordless Wednesday – When Ginger Smiles #ww

When Ginger Dog smiles, you just can’t help smiling back, or giving her a hug. Or a treat. Or two.

Taking a few days

This week , I had planned on catching up on several posts. But right now, I am hurting for my family. My step-brother and his wife lost their littlest boy on Saturday. It has nothing to do with me, except that I can’t stop thinking of them… and their other two children… and him. My […]

Hapy Mother’s Day!

I hope all the moms are enjoying their special day with a little bit of relaxation surrounded by their loved ones! I’ve had a wonderful day so far. My man got me a new sewing machine that’s all fancy so I have something new to learn :) I thought I’d share the little poem I […]

Wordless Wednesday – from the heart

A card from our daughter on Valentine’s Day. I almost cried when Pie gave this to Super G. and I yesterday. What an awesome little girl we have! We love you so much! Written on the inside of her card was this little note – Happy Valentine’s Day You guys are awesome soooo I just […]

My Thanksgiving Highlight Photo Contest Entry

As one of our family traditions, a large part of our family gathers every year to celebrate the holidays together and we usually have a lot of fun and laughter going on, it can be quite chaotic at times! Everyone brings a dish (or 5!) and we spend the day eating, talking, sharing memories and […]

Happy Birthday Super Genius!

Today is my man’s birthday! SO…  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  to my   amazing fantastic generous handsome WONDERFUL simply the best Super Genius ever! Happy birthday hun, we love you! XOXOXO

My son is another year older – Where’s the pause button?

Time seems to fly by quicker than I can catch up. I blink and a moment is gone, a day, a week, another year. My first, my boy…. my little chubby cheeked rebel has somehow turned into a gangly 15 year old teenager. How did that happen? I look at him and see his childish […]

Random Pictures of our Life – July 2010

Remember the ducks we got way back in May? Our sole survivor, “Sammy” is getting so big! (our other three were taken by something one night, :( we think an owl or coon) Sammy is such a sweetheart and I love his beautiful blue eyes and happy quackings. Sammy’s friend is Tweet who if you […]