Random Pictures of our Life – July 2010

Remember the ducks we got way back in May? Our sole survivor, “Sammy” is getting so big! (our other three were taken by something one night, :( we think an owl or coon) Sammy is such a sweetheart and I love his beautiful blue eyes and happy quackings. Sammy’s friend is Tweet who if you remember is the 4H chick my sister-in-law gave us. Tweet and Sammy are inseparable. They have their own special pen for nighttime that is predator proof, then during the day then get to play in their grassy pen with a pool that we found at a yard sale. Sammy loves to swim in his little pool and his smile seems so much bigger when he sees it each morning!

Look what we found today!!

I’m so happy! Remember when our kitty Cleo had kittens? They were so cute! About a week or so after I shared them with you her kittens came up missing! I was devastated! We searched and searched and listened underneath the house for hours trying to see if we could hear them to no avail. We just knew she still had to be nursing because she still had milk and a huge appetite. Well today we found them! One of the kittens was under the skid where Cleo’s house is! We looked and both are there! We couldn’t get them out, naturally they’re a bit frightened, but Oh my are they ever cute!! I plan on coaxing them out  asap then bringing Cleo and both kittens back into the house! I miss my Cleo being inside and I think she’ll be able to teach her babies to use the litter.  We’ll be able to find a home for one of them better that way.The other kitten not pictured is a fluffy fuzzball! I can’t wait to get my hands on them :)


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  1. 1

    Wow that duck is huge! Are they normally that big? I guess I never met a duck close up.

    Does that kitten have blue eyes?

  2. 2
    Henrietta says

    He is only about 3 months old! He should get much bigger, maybe almost 1/2 again the size he is now (I've read up to 11lb for a Pekin duck!). Not all ducks are that big though! Plus he's a spoiled rotten piggy :)

    Yes! Both of the kittens look like they have blue eyes! I plan on sitting out there tomorrow to try and capture them!

  3. 3

    Awwww…. such cute critters. I love them.


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