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I started blogging in November of 2008 and to be honest I had no idea what the heck a blog was or what I was even doing!

Now? I absolutely love blogging and everything about it! There is always something new to learn and do! Also, before I started writing, I thought that my grammar was fairly decent. Wrong! Hello run on sentences and criminal comma usage!

I tend to post about our family sporadically in between posts about our latest review products and giveaways. The name A Hen’s Nest came about because of my name, Henrietta, and my love of raising backyard chickens when my children were small. A bit silly but it’s me!

Here’s a very random video that shows my son and I playing along with a vlog hop some years back. This pretty much sums up how we are in our everyday life… silly.  Even though my son is now grown and out of the house – we are still very much the same when we find time to hang out in our busy schedules.

Other things I love, in no particular order; reading just about everything, baking yummy treats when the mood strikes me, gaming {LotRO and ESO forever, woo!}, gardening, playing with my granddaughter, reality survivor tv shows and daydreaming about someday raising another flock of backyard chickens.

Oh, and I like to sing. Out loud and badly… much to the utter horror delight of my children. Ah, who am I kidding? They just join in!

Random chicken Photo! - penny in the weeds

This is a random backyard chicken. Her name is Penny. Chickens should be generously sprinkled everywhere, I feel. :)

Despite all of life’s ups and downs, I managed to somehow raise 2 gorgeous, awesome, creative adult children. They are the lights in my life and I couldn’t be prouder of the caring humans they’ve become.

My youngest turned eighteen last October {when and how did this happen?!} and spent her time in high school playing flute, working her bum off in Marching Band Color Guard and totally living for drama club! She’s graduating in May of ’19 and will be attending college this fall with a major in digital media production and minor in criminology. She has such dreams and I am so excited to watch her achieve those dreams!

This girl of mine is whimsical, charismatic, and sometimes I find myself just giggling crazily with her when she says or does something completely random. We love to watch “The Bachelorette,” “The Office,” “Glee,” Parks & Recreation,” and every musical known to man.

My beautiful, smart, dreamer daughter– I can’t imagine what I’d do without you!


My son has left his teens waaaay behind and is out in the world successfully adult-ing along with his beautiful girlfriend! He is very artistic and always surprising me with the ideas that come out of his head! He loves tabletop games {Magic the Gathering, woot!}, movies & video games and also enjoys creating things with his hands, whether it was the cardboard medieval armor he lived in during his teen years, or wooden shelves in the garage.

He’s fun, caring, witty and humorously sarcastic and is definitely his own amazing individual.


Both are loved unconditionally– my life wouldn’t have been the same without them in it.

Life is full of surprises.

I’m also blessed to be a Grandma!! My son’s child was born in November of 2012. A gorgeous, sweet, intelligent, joyful little girl who has firmly captured all of our hearts.

That’s my life! We are a family who relishes growing and changing with each other.

No matter what is in the future, we face it and continue to love and support one another.

photo family

As a family, it’s important that We keep our sense of humor!

When we have time to get together, we love playing games of all sorts, watching the history channel, discovery channel, documentaries, funny sitcoms and some reality shows. We all have a weird sense of humor and love to laugh at and with each other! I believe it’s so important to stay young at heart and my kiddos definitely help me to do so! The most important thing I can tell you about our family is that we love each other.

With arms wide open and hearts bursting — we find joy in knowing that we have each other, always.

Oh, and we are pretty big dorks. Who needs perfection anyway?

Old Random Family Pictures