Hen’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

As soon as Halloween is over (and sometimes before!) the stores start filling up with holiday displays, toys, and gifts. Do you start stressing out? If you’re anything like me you need all the help you can get trying to choose the perfect present for everyone on your list. We’ve reviewed some pretty fun products […]

Kidz Bop Dance Party! The video game for Wii Review

Some of Pie’s favorite games involve singing and dancing so we were pretty excited to have the chance to review Kidz Bop and D3Publisher’s newest dance game for the Wii, Kidz Bop Dance Party! The Video Game.  With the game’s easy to learn dance moves and game play style you’ll be able to learn fun […]

Wake up with Dunkin’ Donuts flavored coffee Review

I big puffy heart coffee! The first thing I do when I stumble out of bed in the morning is head for the coffee pot. (doesn’t everyone?) Super Genius wakes up earlier than I so it’s usually made and 3/4 of the way gone by then. Grr, I am a non-morning person and I need […]

Kidz Bop Dance Moves DVD Video Review

If you watch TV with your kids then you’ve probably seen at least one commercial about a KIDZ BOP product. They seem to be everywhere! In the KIDZ BOP Dance Moves DVD, the Kidz Bop kids will get your children moving to a few of today’s most popular songs. Celebrity choreographer and dancer, Megan Honore, […]

Scandle Shimmering Lotion body oil Candle

Candles are one of my very favorite things to give as gifts to family, friends, and to myself! Almost everyone loves a candle, picking one out is usually only as hard as choosing their favorite scent. What if there were a candle that was also a body lotion?  Such a cool idea! It would just […]

Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars – The Ultimate Grandma Handbook

Grandparent’s Day is upon us and that means it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful memories we’ve shared with them. I no longer have any living Grandparents but they all hold very special places in my heart. Memories of my Gramma N. are filled with bits and pieces of crafting, sewing, cooking, gardening, birdwatching, thrift […]

The new Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum with Hair Raiser Tool can help eliminate pet hair!

Our small home often feels like it’s being overrun with animals. With our dog, three cats and a bird you can just imagine how much pet hair and fluff is floating around here! I’ve went through a couple of vacuums over the past several years. Both bagless uprights that seemed to rejoice in clogging up […]

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker makes big fat waffles!

We have been eating the most delicious homemade waffles ever! Years ago when Mr.T. was small we had a waffle maker that my dad bought for us. It was a little cheapo one that made 2 small square waffles every 5-6 minutes. We used that iron ALL the time! It made good  waffles, but not […]

New U-Build Monopoly family board game by Hasbro – Review

In celebration of it’s 75th year, Hasbro has amped up Monopoly and a few other family board game classics with a new U-Build style of play. Now you can customize your playing experience with five new U-Build games from Hasbro that include Monopoly, Sorry, Battleship, Mousetrap and Connect 4. From press release: In Monopoly U-Build […]

New Studio C collections by Carolina Pad review

This summer seems like it’s flying by! We’ve already started thinking about back to school shopping! Something we always need plenty of are supplies! And whether you’re a tween, teen or adult supplies are always funner when they mix great style with function! Carolina Pad does this especially well with the new Studio C collection […]

Oceanology Handbook: A Course for Underwater Explorers review

Summer is a great time for young adventurers to brush up on their knowledge.Those wishing to unlock the secrets of the deep blue sea will find all sorts of treasure in this wonderful book. The Oceanology Handbook: A Course For Underwater Explorers By Professor Pierre Aronnax From Press Release: “Explore the ocean’s wonders, real and […]

Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection Book review

Is it hot and sticky and really stinkin’ HOT where you live? We feel like we’re all melting away here! This kind of weather calls for activities that require minimal movement! Bring in the books! Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel CollectionBy Martin Handford Everyone knows Waldo! They just need to find him, and they’ll have […]