A post full of thoughts on unexpected life moments

If you have been a long time follower of my blog, you may have noticed a gradual change over the past year. I have been writing less and less about myself and my family. Sometime I feel like I have let the blog loose my personality. The past 8 months especially, I have rarely shared […]

I miss you when you’re gone – nine years

Nine years. Nine years since life changed. Nine years since Dad left us. Can it really be that long? I can almost close my eyes and remember the joy he had in his grandchildren. I can {almost} hear his voice, his chuckle… his laugh.  Can anyone ever really understand how much they rely and depend […]

Thoughts on how to promote my blog

This year I have started to think about my blog more seriously. I’ve been trying to make my posts more search and SEO friendly, as well as trying to remember to post at least a few times a week. I’ve  spent the past few months thinking about and creating a new look. Nothing drastic but […]

Just Babbling to Myself

My next task on my Blog-to-do-list is to figure out how to get a link bar up with links to various parts of my blog! I also need to make a few of those parts/posts yet! I know it’s probably extremely simple to do, but I always seem to do things the HARD way. At […]