Twenty Years Ago – A Look Back

While searching for some photos to add to a new collage frame the other day, I ran across this old photo. Calling it “old” is strange — I call photos old when I refer to my Grandparents, or my cousins and I when were little kids. This photo though, is a photo that just doesn’t […]

48 Questions – All About Henrietta

I saw this list of questions over on Look What mom Found, while blog hopping today. It’s been a long long time since I’ve posted anything like this and since it’s snowing and I’m procrastinating about work, I thought I’d join in. Just know that as a Gemini, I almost always have more than one […]

What’s in my messy fridge?

I think that Trisha from MomDot is on a mission to get us bloggers to showcase our worst habits with her most recent “blog carnival” posts! lol! I do like to take a peek into other people’s lives though, this is such a fun way to do so! Each week she is asking bloggers to […]

5 things you would learn about me if you walked through my house

I’m playing along with a fun blog carnival from Here are five quick things you would learn about me if you walked through my house… besides the fact that the house is a mess! Number One: My daughter likes to start crafts and projects then leave them all over the living room and coffee […]

Wordless Wednesday – a reflection #photoadayApril

Are you doing any monthly photo a day challenges? I am! Here are the first three photos from the #photoadayApril challenge created by @fatmumslim. There are some great prompts this month! Check out the photo collage I made to remind myself to take part!     I’m using my phone to take part, it has […]

Wordless Wednesday – And I must follow, if I can

Just Me.

Just post number one thousand {1000}

I noticed in my blog’s dashboard today that I have 999 posts under my belt since I started blogging way back at the end of 2008. Who would have ever thought that I would stick with it and grow to love being a blogger so much. When I first started blogging, Super G. and I […]

Just a couple of dorks – Wordless Wednesday

We had a great time at a friend’s annual Halloween party on Saturday. it’s the only time of year I get to dress up, too bad every day wasn’t Halloween! Super G. kinda looks like one of the dwarves from my Lord of The Rings Online game — I like! Do you dress up? you […]

Not Good Enough

I have zero motivation. No inspiration. Life at the moment is boring, uneventful. Yet, there are still times when I do miraculously think of a topic to sit down and write about. I ready myself, excited to let the words flow out of me and to be able to create a sentence, a paragraph — […]

Weird is Good – Wordless Wednesday

Just three random photos from Tuesday. This is what’s been keeping me busy and the blog kinda… blogless. Kids. The kids are on summer vacay, which means mom has precious little uninterrupted computer time. I’m either taking pics for Mr.T. being forced to pose for them Or making strange things to wear for Pie. Help! […]


Jazzercise class was awesome this morning. So awesome in fact that I whacked my instructor’s monitor in the face… Yes, you heard me, my arm flung out behind me and whacked her right in the head. Way to go me! Luckily she only comes once a year so I won’t have to be embarrassed again […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Days Eleven & Twelve

Prompt for day 11: A photo that makes you laugh. Prompt for day 12: Something you do every day. I am going to be random with this photo prompt thing from now on because frankly, I think that I’ve been over thinking it. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been keeping up with it. […]