Keep Cool in School with Yoplait Go-Gurt

The kids have been back to school for almost a week now! WooHoo! I love them but it’s nice to have some quiet time too! Mr.T. ventured into the world of Tech this year and found out that they serve a better lunch than home school so he’s happy to buy it there. Pie however […]

Neverending Pasta Bowl at Olive Garden

When is the last time that you and your other half went out together… alone? When is the last time you could afford it? I’m sad to say it’s been way too long for Super Genius and I! Now that the kids are back in school though we have some alone time and a chance […]

Stay healthy with Seventh Generation – Back-to-School kit

With many children starting their back to school transitions this month it’s a great time to discuss healthy school habits with them. NSF International studies show that most of the school surfaces your child will come into contact with harbor almost 2.7 million bacterial per square inch! Wow! This makes me realize why it is […]

National Geographic Summer Boredom Buster Books

Summer is fading fast but there’s still plenty of time to get in some much needed summer reading for the kids! National Geographic Kids knows how to keep them engaged and interested while still having fun. The Big Book of Fun is the perfect take-a-long for vacation car rides or to just hand your kid […]

New Studio C collections by Carolina Pad review

This summer seems like it’s flying by! We’ve already started thinking about back to school shopping! Something we always need plenty of are supplies! And whether you’re a tween, teen or adult supplies are always funner when they mix great style with function! Carolina Pad does this especially well with the new Studio C collection […]

Oceanology Handbook: A Course for Underwater Explorers review

Summer is a great time for young adventurers to brush up on their knowledge.Those wishing to unlock the secrets of the deep blue sea will find all sorts of treasure in this wonderful book. The Oceanology Handbook: A Course For Underwater Explorers By Professor Pierre Aronnax From Press Release: “Explore the ocean’s wonders, real and […]

Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection Book review

Is it hot and sticky and really stinkin’ HOT where you live? We feel like we’re all melting away here! This kind of weather calls for activities that require minimal movement! Bring in the books! Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel CollectionBy Martin Handford Everyone knows Waldo! They just need to find him, and they’ll have […]

SHOW OFF: How to do Absolutely Everything. Book review

Are your kids bored out of their minds and begging you to entertain them yet? If so then you need to hand them this book! Show Off: How to Do Absolutely Everything. One Step at a Time. Written by Sarah Hines Stephens, Illustrated by Bethany Mann This hefty paperback has over 1,500 illustrations and 224 […]

Real Man’s Guide to Fixin’ Stuff by Nick Harper – review

I’m lucky enough to have a very handy husband,if I need something done around the house he can usually find a way to get it done, one way or another. But… even my man can sometimes struggle with certain honey-do-list items. It’s truly not a crime to read the instructions! Try telling Super Genius that […]

Prevent head lice with Zippity Doo’s hair products

I’m going to talk about something that no one likes to think about. Something that moms, and dads, have a deep fear of. Head Lice. Ick! You might think since it’s summer the kids are safe because they aren’t sitting in school next to potential bearers of this nasty little critter, but did you ever […]

Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain White rice review

I just tried the yummy new whole grain white rice by Uncle Ben’s and it was very good! I’m not surprised that I liked it, I love eating brown and wild rice, the kids and hubby however are a different story. They’d rather eat plain old white rice. Personally I don’t regular white rice has […]

CHOCbite custom gourmet Chocolate Bar review

If you’re wondering what to get dear old dad for Father’s Day then look no further. Dad will absolutely flip over a custom gourmet chocolate bar from CHOCbite! I think anyone who likes chocolate will fall head over heels in love with them! A little background: CHOCbite is an American  based company located in Austin, […]