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This week , I had planned on catching up on several posts. But right now, I am hurting for my family. My step-brother and his wife lost their littlest boy on Saturday. It has nothing to do with me, except that I can’t stop thinking of them… and their other two children… and him. My heart hurts for them. I can’t understand how senseless and awful it is to lose such a sweet boy so soon. 

I wish our family had been closer to them. Sure we see each other on many holidays and the occasional summer picnic. But it wasn’t enough. 

It will never be enough. How can you say the words that express how much you hurt for someone. You can’t.

There is absolutely nothing that will make it better, nothing that can be said or done or tried to make the pain go away. It hurts to know that they are hurting so badly. It hurts to see my Mom and step-Dad with the pain in their eyes and the catch in their words as we try to talk about simple everyday things. The words don’t seem to matter. 

All I want to do is hug my children.

Please, if you have a moment, do the same. Hug your child and send a prayer, a thought a hope for a better tomorrow for my step-brother and his family.

My Mom shared this poem on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was beautiful:

If we could have a lifetime wish
A dream that would come true,
We’d pray to God with all our hearts
For yesterday and You.
A thousand words can’t bring you back
We know because we’ve tried…
Neither will a thousand tears
We know because we’ve cried…
You left behind our broken hearts
And happy memories too…
But we never wanted memories
We only wanted You.

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  1. 1

    Oh I am so sorry. I cannot imagine the pain they must be feeling and the entire family. My thoughts and prayers going out to everyone.

    • 2

      Thanks Nichol. It was a tough day for everyone today but it was a beautiful service and that little boy is one who no one will forget, he had such a light about him!

  2. 3

    ((hugs)) to you and your family. I can’t imagine losing a child that age.

  3. 4

    :( I just can’t imagine. Hugs and prayers for your family.

  4. 5

    Oh Henrietta, I am so sorry to hear that. No one should ever have to endure that kind of loss. Your family are in my thoughts.

  5. 6

    I am so sorry to hear this. How very sad. Thinking of you and your family.(((HUGS)))

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