What you need to know before buying a Nespresso machine

Nespresso Machines

Nespresso sells or licenses several different coffee machines, mostly made in Europe.

The machines bear the names of well-known kitchen equipment manufacturers such as Krups, Breville and DeLonghi, but are mainly manufactured by the Swiss company Eugster / Frismag, which is one of the world’s largest coffee machine manufacturers.

For people who prefer to drink coffee, the manufacturer has created devices with the most convenient functionality that allows you to brew your favorite drink without unnecessary trouble.

To buy the best coffee machine, you should take a closer look at several popular models, study their characteristics and features.

Benefits of Nespresso capsule coffee machines

The main advantage of capsule-type coffee machines is the ability to brew one portion of espresso or cappuccino in a few seconds, followed by a completely different coffee drink by inserting a new capsule into a special slot.

The speed of cooking is not the only plus of such devices, because Nespresso devices differ from their counterparts in many advantages, including:

  • variety of programs and functions;
  • high pump pressure;
  • precise dosage of ground coffee;
  • cappuccino maker included;
  • lack of coffee grounds in a freshly brewed drink;
  • a large selection of branded flavors;
  • silent work;
  • ergonomic design;
  • simple control with two buttons;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • long warranty period.

Important! Nespresso coffee machines are produced by the well-known brands De’Longhi and Krups – they stand out for their impeccable appearance and high build quality, so the user can be sure that the device will last a long time without breakdowns.

Disadvantages of devices

One of the disadvantages of capsule-type coffee machines is that they are tied to the products of a particular coffee brand.
To brew coffee in a Nespresso machine, you will have to buy capsules from the same manufacturer, otherwise there is a risk that the appliance will not be able to brew the drink.

The disadvantages of the devices are also called:

  • additional costs for coffee capsules;
  • preparation of a small drink;
  • there is no hot chocolate or tea in the line of flavors.

Principle of operation

Any user can handle the preparation of delicious coffee or milk-coffee drink using a capsule coffee machine, since the brewing process is extremely simple:

  1. Water is poured into the water reservoir. The pump, located at the bottom, sucks in liquid and delivers it to the apparatus.
  2. A capsule with a certain amount of natural ground coffee is placed in the compartment, which is perforated through with a needle after turning on the device.
  3. The water quickly heats up to the desired temperature by flowing through the heating element.
  4. Under high pressure, hot water flows through the coffee, as a result of which the drink is brewed and the liquid is filtered.
  5. A used capsule is automatically thrown into a separate compartment – it can be removed immediately or thrown away after several used coffee containers are filled in the container.

What’s inside the capsules?

As the most popular capsule system, Nespresso offers customers a wide range of flavors using natural ground coffee as capsule filler.

Each capsule contains a verified portion of high-quality ground coffee beans, designed to prepare one portion of an invigorating drink.

For the long-term preservation of coffee, the use of preservatives is not required, since an inert gas is present in the capsules, which creates a vacuum – this prevents the raw material from oxidizing and allows it to preserve its freshness.

Before grinding, the product undergoes a thorough check, and the manufacturer indicates all information about the composition on the package.

Attention! Refillable capsules not filled with coffee powder began to appear on the market. Their use can significantly reduce the cost of disposable capsules, since the owner of the device will only need to purchase 4-5 capsules for different types of coffee.

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