Wordless Wednesday – Snowy Whiskers #ww

These snowy whiskers kill me! I just love watching Ginger dog and KiKi play together in the snow, they’re so cute! And seeing the snowflakes catch in their whiskers is even cuter! Oh, Ginger Dog! You are such a sweetheart! I can’t believe you’ll be 10 years old this year. Thanks for being my roly-poly […]

Wordless Wednesday – When Ginger Smiles #ww

When Ginger Dog smiles, you just can’t help smiling back, or giving her a hug. Or a treat. Or two.

Wordless Wednesday – Ginger

Awwww… cute and cuddly Ginger – a rare on-the-couch treat. WHOOOOAAAAAA! For More Wordless Wednesday check Two of a Kind Working on a Full House, MomStart, 5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers, Jolly Mom and Momdot!