Happy Thanksgiving Quote

From our family to your family ~ I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by friends, family, loved ones and gratitude. Our family will be eating lots of pie {and stuffing!}, reminiscing about those who have gone on before us and enjoying the company of those who still surround us! I am so thankful […]

10 Day Countdown To Turkey Day — What You Need To Do Now!

Can you believe that we only have only 10 days until Thanksgiving! Are you prepared for the holiday feast yet? If not, then get a little help from the “Let’s Talk Turkey . . . And All the Trimmings” ebook collaboration from Hearst Magazines and Open Road Media! Let’s talk Turkey includes the best recipes and tips […]

Happy Thanksgiving – Inspiring Quotes

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re headed next door to celebrate at my Mom & Step-Dad’s house with some of our family. I have the turkey roasting and the stuffing smells delicious {I am so thankful for stuffing– yum!}. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is sitting around visiting with family, laughing with […]

Happy Thanksgiving and hey what kind of potatoes are you having?

Thanksgiving already! I’m being a weirdo this year and making roasted sweet and white potatoes instead of mashed. Yes that’s right… instead of… not as well as. I don’t think my step-dad was too thrilled with this plan when I cheerily told him my menu idea over the phone the other day. A resounding “OH” […]

Gramma’s Traditional Bread Stuffing Recipe

Thanksgiving is a few days away! We’re having a small family dinner this year but I will still be making the usual amount of stuffing! Maybe I’ll be able to go back for seconds this time! Usually by the time I get back up there to get another spoonful all that’s left is a crumb […]

My Thanksgiving Highlight Photo Contest Entry

As one of our family traditions, a large part of our family gathers every year to celebrate the holidays together and we usually have a lot of fun and laughter going on, it can be quite chaotic at times! Everyone brings a dish (or 5!) and we spend the day eating, talking, sharing memories and […]