Monday Melody (Demi) & Monday Mayhem (random)

I really hate it when I cannot find the official video for a song I want to share. I wanted to share Take a Back Road – it’s a great song so go look it up! Then I remembered a different song that I heard on GMA this morning. Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper is all over […]

Monday Melody (Maybe) & Monday Mayhem (www)

I love Ingrid Michaelson’s voice so much! She has that soulful old fashioned voice that has so much depth to it, but with a modern twist. We’ve been working out to her song, “Everybody”, for the past week or so and it’s a happy song to end the workout to. I love “Maybe” as well, […]

Monday Melody (Bow) & Monday Mayhem (Job)

Monday afternoon came quickly today! Mr.T.’s been on YouTube listening to music all morning and I heard the song Blow Me Away playing so I looked it up. Then I clicked on “I Will Not Bow” and thought it was a pretty cool sounding song, so this one’s courtesy of my teen son ;)  From […]

Monday Melody (No Such Thing) & Monday Mayhem (Weather)

Monday morning can only get better when it starts out with John Mayer and his fun song “No Such Thing” (from his 2004 Live In Ohio album). I thought it was appropriate for this week since our kids go back to school tomorrow! It seems like summer just flew right by this year! I am […]

Monday Melody (Faster) & Monday Mayhem (Speedo)

How bummed am I that I just now realized that Train is going to be playing in our area this weekend! Pretty bummed becuase I would have loved to go, unfortuantely the only tickets left are way… WAY… out of our price range. Sigh. When I looked them up to find a song this morning […]

Monday Melody (Rainy) & Monday Mayhem (ticked off)

Monday Monday! It’s you again :) Today is rainy and dreary but I don’t mind the background noise. Even though Rainy Days and Mondays is a low key and kind of sad song, I thought it still went well with today. My daughter is still snoozing on the couch.  I think we’ll just have a […]