Monday Melody (Demi) & Monday Mayhem (random)

monday melody

I really hate it when I cannot find the official video for a song I want to share. I wanted to share Take a Back Road – it’s a great song so go look it up! Then I remembered a different song that I heard on GMA this morning. Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper is all over right now. It’s a beautiful song. A very powerful song that could have so many different meanings and we just love Demi’s voice and seeing her healthy again. She is such an inspiring young lady!

And, I’ve decided I like this meme so here’s installment number six.

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem.

Let’s have some fun!

Simply answer the questions.

What’s the best way to get rich?

Well, the BEST way would be by doing something you love… but it seems like the best way in real life is by acting like an idiot or being a cheat. Sad!

Have you ever eaten anything that you once saw alive?

Umm, yes, lots of things! Or do you mean you saw the thing you ate alive personally? If so then yes, but I didn’t like it, my family raised its own meat blah.

What creeps you out the most about clowns?

Clowns are pure evil. That’s really all there is to say about them but if you must know, I suppose it’s the fact that you really never KNOW just what a clown might be hiding… *shivers*

Tell us your best or favorite garage sale or flea market find.

This year, I would say the really stinking cute chickens I got at the chicken yard sale :) Don’t knock it!

Who should get slapped on the wrist today?

Me for forgetting to do some really important paperwork last week. 

What do you need to accomplish this week?

That really important paperwork and a whole slew of blog posts.

What’s you best tip for online shopping?

Read the reviews! 

This was pretty random. Can you tell us something really random to end this week’s meme with?

 My daughter’s first flute lesson is today!

Thanks for playing and have a great week! I’m linked up at


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