What’s Going On?

Since I missed Monday Melody this week I had to come share this video with you. Mr.T. showed it to me yesterday and i’m in love! Not only is this one great song, it’s being sung by none other than He-Man himself. All I have to say is , I need this as my ringtone. […]

Monday Melody (Demi) & Monday Mayhem (random)

I really hate it when I cannot find the official video for a song I want to share. I wanted to share Take a Back Road – it’s a great song so go look it up! Then I remembered a different song that I heard on GMA this morning. Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper is all over […]

Monday Melody (Maybe) & Monday Mayhem (www)

I love Ingrid Michaelson’s voice so much! She has that soulful old fashioned voice that has so much depth to it, but with a modern twist. We’ve been working out to her song, “Everybody”, for the past week or so and it’s a happy song to end the workout to. I love “Maybe” as well, […]

Monday Melody (Bow) & Monday Mayhem (Job)

Monday afternoon came quickly today! Mr.T.’s been on YouTube listening to music all morning and I heard the song Blow Me Away playing so I looked it up. Then I clicked on “I Will Not Bow” and thought it was a pretty cool sounding song, so this one’s courtesy of my teen son ;)  From […]

Monday Melody (No Such Thing) & Monday Mayhem (Weather)

Monday morning can only get better when it starts out with John Mayer and his fun song “No Such Thing” (from his 2004 Live In Ohio album). I thought it was appropriate for this week since our kids go back to school tomorrow! It seems like summer just flew right by this year! I am […]

Monday Melody (Faster) & Monday Mayhem (Speedo)

How bummed am I that I just now realized that Train is going to be playing in our area this weekend! Pretty bummed becuase I would have loved to go, unfortuantely the only tickets left are way… WAY… out of our price range. Sigh. When I looked them up to find a song this morning […]

Monday Melody (Rainy) & Monday Mayhem (ticked off)

Monday Monday! It’s you again :) Today is rainy and dreary but I don’t mind the background noise. Even though Rainy Days and Mondays is a low key and kind of sad song, I thought it still went well with today. My daughter is still snoozing on the couch.  I think we’ll just have a […]

10 4th of July songs to celebrate the day

Happy Fourth of July!! Hope you’re having a great weekend celebrating our Independence Day with your family and friends! By no means is this a top ten or anything like that, Just me sharing a few feel good songs about our great country that I listened to today :)  

Monday Night Melody – Who Knew

I keep forgetting it’s Monday! We just had a nice cooling rain shower, now it’s scalding hot again! Hubby’s bringing McDonald’s home for dinner! Yay for grilled chicken salads, parfaits and unsweetened iced tea! I love P!NK, her songs might be a little extreme at times but I love the humor and reality in them. […]

Monday Night Melody – Kiss Me

Do you absolutely love it when you hear a song on the radio that you haven’t heard in a while? I heard this on the way home from Jazzercise this morning. I turned it up and sang it at the top of my lungs with the dust flying out behind me on our dusty dirt […]

Monday Morning Melody – God Bless The U.S.A.

Today is a very special Monday, Memorial Day. A day that we should remind our selves that we truly do not need just one day to be thankful for all of the men and women who have fought, and are still fighting, to protect our freedom in America. We should be thankful every day! Just […]

Monday Night Melody – Adele

Monday is almost over it’s true but we can still send it off with a great song! I’ll be missing in action for the next couple days, I am helping my cousin make a camouflage prom dress for her son’s girlfriend. Neither one of us has made anything like this before let alone any clothing […]