Monday Melody (Rainy) & Monday Mayhem (ticked off)

monday melody

Monday Monday! It’s you again :) Today is rainy and dreary but I don’t mind the background noise. Even though Rainy Days and Mondays is a low key and kind of sad song, I thought it still went well with today. My daughter is still snoozing on the couch.  I think we’ll just have a lazy Monday.  Hope your day’s going well!


…and I’m trying a new meme
Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. What made ticked off the most yesterday?

Sunday is my sit-on-the-couch-in-my-pajamas-and-play-LOTRO-all-day Day. Why does Super G. think it’s storm-around-the-house-complaining-because-the-laundry-isn’t-done-day? Grrrrrrr…. <3 you anyways honey!

2. What ticks you off about your local mail service?

They come at any random time between 11am and 2pm. It’s annoying.

3. What ticks you off about the opposite sex?

Is he really listening to me? Does he truly hear the words I am speaking out of my mouth? If so, just how in the world did he get what he heard out of what I said? <3 you anyways honey!

4. What ticks you off about eating out?


…need I say more? Flies in a restaurant disgust me. Are they in the kitchen landing on my food too? eeeeewwwww!

5. What ticks you off about the internet?

My internet service provider. At least 6 times a month the internet randomly loses its connection and I have t go into my router’s config panel to see what’s up. Usually its because they’re down or sometimes it’s because my username and password has randomly removed itself from the settings. Annoying! Although to be fair that might be my router not my internet service provider…. I’m still blaming on them, they deserve it.

6. What famous person really ticks you off?

I can’t think of anyone that really ticks me off but I will say I get so mad at people who are tween and young girl idols who immediately turn into half-naked pole dancers the minute they turn 16 and shock the living crap out of parents and fans alike when they do the sudden switcher-oo on live television with your daughter watching. I get that they have to grow up sometime but there are plenty of famous role models out there who haven’t taken that path.

7. What ticks you off about people on the road?

People that aren’t paying attention! Stop texting, stop reading newspapers, stop blabbing on the phone and drive! Especially people who aren’t watching for motorcycles, you can see them if you’re scanning the road!

8. Name something about politicians that ticks you off.

Hmmm, everything? They lie, they cheat, they take bribes, they never seem to do anything that benefits the little people without it benefiting the big people in an even bigger way.

9. Tell us about a story you have recently heard that really ticked you off.

Right now I just can’t get it out of my head how ticked off I am at men who leave their wives. I’ve been hearing about it a lot lately, with all kinds of circumstances, and it really pisses me off.

10. Are you feeling less ticked off now?

I don’t know, I may be feeling a little bit more ticked off now than I was when I started!


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  1. 1

    It’s called selective hearing….
    I’m so glad you came by and played!

    Have a great rest of your day!

  2. 2

    Mondays aren’t fun… but you gotta be positive! What did you love about yesterday?

  3. 3

    I hate flies at restaurants! Thanks for stopping by…

  4. 4

    With you on #6. My niece spots her idols on TV and suddenly screams, and I go, ‘what the heck is going on!?’ She looks at me like I just got out from the dark ages. Thanks for dropping by my nook.

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