Monday Melody (No Such Thing) & Monday Mayhem (Weather)

Monday morning can only get better when it starts out with John Mayer and his fun song “No Such Thing” (from his 2004 Live In Ohio album). I thought it was appropriate for this week since our kids go back to school tomorrow! It seems like summer just flew right by this year! I am […]

Clouds of May 26th

While I was a little bit too freaked out and panicking to even think about photos before the storm, here are just a few of the awesome clouds that lingered and floated past from 5 – 7 pm yesterday. Wow! I don’t know if I’ve seen clouds like these, so huge and simply stunning.  

Severe weather in Pennsylvania last night

Maybe it’s because our small town was devastated by a tornado twenty six years ago this week, but I am deathly afraid of thunderstorms. Panic stricken afraid, in other words… I freak. Why? I’m not sure.¬† I was only six years old when the 1985 tornado took out half of our town, and barely remember […]

What The Rain Does – {almost} Wordless Wednesday

It’s been quite wet around here lately. The ground slurps and gurgles when you walk across the grass and we’re starting to feel like we’re growing gills. Last night the rain took part of the road with it when it washed out the culvert pipe. We woke to a firetruck and a tow truck outside […]

Homemade Pore Cleanser Mask

This is something I’ve been wanting to make and I keep losing the recipe or forgetting about it! Well no longer, I’m putting it here in a post so I cannot lose it again! This particular recipe came form a Frugal Village blog post. I subscribe to the newsletter, there are some wonderful tips in […]