Mini Caramel Molasses Cheesecakes #ToraniFlavors

When I received a box of Torani Flavored Syrups in the mail last week, I was excited to see what new flavor I would be sampling. I was just the tiniest bit disappointed that I had received the same two flavors that I reviewed last year. Then I remembered how delicious the Gingerbread and the […]

Bring an authentic coffeehouse flavor into your home with Torani Flavored Syrups

We drink coffee and tea all year long but the cooler months definitely amp up our java and hot tea intake. While most of my family loves coffee (young children excluded!), I often find myself thinking about how boring my regular old cup of “2 cream, 2 sugars” coffee can get. Sure there are a […]

Wake up with Dunkin’ Donuts flavored coffee Review

I big puffy heart coffee! The first thing I do when I stumble out of bed in the morning is head for the coffee pot. (doesn’t everyone?) Super Genius wakes up earlier than I so it’s usually made and 3/4 of the way gone by then. Grr, I am a non-morning person and I need […]