Listen With Your Heart When Communicating With Your Children

The family is the most important unit in a child’s life. The people within the family are the very first people this child will engage with. From happy occasions, sad moments, to everything else in between, everything will be experienced first within the safe haven of the family unit. Thus, it is critical for parents […]

What To Look for When Choosing a Guitar Teacher

Have you ever thought how awesome it would be to learn the guitar? Of course you have! We all have at one point or another because music is such a huge part of our lives. Being able to play a guitar would allow us to gain a deeper meaning and appreciation for music and we […]

Encouraging children to explore new hobbies

As parents, it is our job to encourage our children to expand their horizons and try new things. Whether our children are interested in sports, art, music or any number of other age appropriate hobbies, encouragement can mean the difference between failure and success. Especially with musical hobbies, children can quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed […]

Get to Know Your Kid – 100 questions to ask your child

My daughter is at the age where she likes to write down her thoughts, make up stories, and invent “secret bff clubs” with her friends. Sometimes I look at her and have the feeling that I just don’t know her as well as I used to. She’s growing up so quickly! there are so many […]

Kidz Bop Dance Moves DVD Video Review

If you watch TV with your kids then you’ve probably seen at least one commercial about a KIDZ BOP product. They seem to be everywhere! In the KIDZ BOP Dance Moves DVD, the Kidz Bop kids will get your children moving to a few of today’s most popular songs. Celebrity choreographer and dancer, Megan Honore, […]

National Geographic Summer Boredom Buster Books

Summer is fading fast but there’s still plenty of time to get in some much needed summer reading for the kids! National Geographic Kids knows how to keep them engaged and interested while still having fun. The Big Book of Fun is the perfect take-a-long for vacation car rides or to just hand your kid […]

Scooby Doo Zoinks Points Rewards Program

I grew up watching Scooby-Doo, let’s see a show of hands! Who else couldn’t wait to watch that loveable pup and his 4 teen friends on Saturday Mornings? I have always loved the original “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” series best, but also remember watching many “A Pup Named Scooby-Doo” episodes. The chase scenes were the […]