Kidz Bop Dance Moves DVD Video Review

KidzBop Dance Moves DVDIf you watch TV with your kids then you’ve probably seen at least one commercial about a KIDZ BOP product. They seem to be everywhere! In the KIDZ BOP Dance Moves DVD, the Kidz Bop kids will get your children moving to a few of today’s most popular songs. Celebrity choreographer and dancer, Megan Honore, helps your kids create their own dance party by showing them to move to the music!

Pie was pretty excited to try and learn the dance moves to Party In The U.S.A. (beginner), Single Ladies (intermediate), Evacuate The Dancefloor (expert), and Telephone (advanced) . She tried it herself a few times and though she seemed to enjoy it, she did get a little bit frustrated with not being able to follow very well. She did go back and try again and said she would like to give it another shot later. We also broke out the DVD at a sleepover with her friend, they had fun! There was a lot of giggling and falling on the ground but they succeeded in doing a few of the moves before running of to play something else.

I really like the idea of kids teaching kids, and while at times the moves could be a bit confusing for the younger kids, for the most part my daughter had fun with this DVD. My biggest complaint is that I think there is a little too much talking during the instructional part of the DVD and my daughter started to lose interest before the instructions were over. Once it got to the actual song part where they use the moves they’ve been taught she really enjoyed herself. I think it’s all about how your child learns though and a part that helps one might be boring to another.

We also liked the Bonus features where Kidz Bop kids Dana and Valerie teach six pretty funky freestyle moves including Pop & Lock, The Jerk, Moonwalk, Voguing, Isolations, and The Illusion.

Geared towards 5 – 12 year olds and priced at around $12.00 on Amazon., I think this would make a great stocking stuffer for the tween set if they’re interested in learning some cool dance moves.

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Prizey Editor Pick

Our computer crashed last month, I lost ALL of my email & contacts and for the life of me I cannot remember who sent this review product!  I’m thinking it was Kidz Bop ;) In any event, someone somewhere sent it, and I’ve given my candid review. They also sent extras to giveaway. All opinions and experiences are my own, yours may vary. No other compensation received.

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