The new Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum with Hair Raiser Tool can help eliminate pet hair!

Eureka LogoOur small home often feels like it’s being overrun with animals. With our dog, three cats and a bird you can just imagine how much pet hair and fluff is floating around here! I’ve went through a couple of vacuums over the past several years. Both bagless uprights that seemed to rejoice in clogging up on me and forcing me to use an altered coat hanger to irately unclog the hose. NOT fun people! So when I was asked if I’d like to check out the new Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum, the product description kept me hopefully optimistic.

from press release:

“Pet Pal boasts Whirlwind Cyclonic Technology that maintains suction power longer and separates pet hair from fine dust, resulting in less maintenance (when compared to noncyclonic vacuums having dirt cup filters). The vacuum also features a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of dust, allergens and pet dander. The Eureka bagless upright features the new Hair Raiser for Pets tool to quickly eliminate pesky hair from upholstery, fabric and even clothing. In addition the PET Power Paw attachment easily loosens and grabs pet hair from stairs and carpets, leaving a cleaner home and more time to play with Fido and Fluffy.”

So far the Pet Pal has lived up to it’s name in our household. The Hair Raiser for Pets tool is extremely useful. It has completely eliminated the need for our past attempts at pet hair removal – try to get pet hair off of a black t-shirt with scotch tape wrapped inside out around a hand… Umm not so easy! The Hair Raiser actually works for us! Basically you sweep it across the area where the pet hair is (use the rubber sides to help move along hair that’s stubborn), then insert it into the side holster with an up and down motion to dislodge the hair. When you press down on the holster’s “Clean” switch all that hair goes straight to the dust cup! So easy & quick!

Eureka Pet Pal Review at A Hen's Nest

Eureka Pet Pal Review at A hen's Nest

I have an 8 amp Eureka EnviroVac (we bought this a few months ago when our Bissell died) and I do think the Pet Pal has a much stronger suction with it’s 12 amp motor. When I first felt the weight of the Pet Pal I thought it might be a little on the heavy side. Then I made my first swipe and realized that the powerful suction really pulls the vacuum along. It almost self propels itself across the floor, which is great since my 9 year old daughter does 90% of the vacuuming around here! Also, the dust cup design is so much easier to deal with on the Pet Pal! It is way less messy with no filter in the actual dust area of the cup! I LOVE that! More streamlined I would say.

Some other features I really like about this Eureka are:

  • Assembly was extremely easy – 2 phillips head screws to attach the handle to the base and a clip to slide in place over the holster! Less than 5 minutes and you’re ready to roll. My daughter did most of it herself :)
  • The Pet Power Paw. I have got to say that this little tool is so powerful! It has wonderful suction unlike some other tool attachments I’ve used. I am glad that the clear brush cover is removeable for easy cleaning too! The little nubs are really great for deep cleaning the furniture, getting all the tiny bird seed shells out of the carpet by the bird cage, and very hairy spots (like where the dog sleeps on the carpet by my bed).
  • The height adjustment has a bare floor setting that does a decent job for a quick run over if company is popping by :) (my last two vacuum’s were missing this feature)
  • The hose looks and seems to be a tad bit wider (NOT longer) than I’m used to which means it should be easier to keep unclogged! It has a clear elbow where the hose attaches to the vacuum itself! This is awesome because if it ever does clog I will be able to SEE if the clog is in this problem area!
  • Maintenance is easy with once monthly rinsing of the hypoallergenic filter. Filters and belt should be replaced every 6 to 12 months as they wear out. These affordable Arm & Hammer replacements are easy to find at Walmart so you don’t need to search all over the place for your vacuum’s needs!

Of course, the HEPA filter, flip bottom dust cup, washable filter and easy access on/off switch are still more features that add to the vacuum’s appeal. For now, my only con, and this is a pet peeve of mine that holds true for every vacuum I’ve ever owned, is that the super stretchy, yet sturdy hose, isn’t long enough. They never are though! I’d like to plead with upright vacuum makers worldwide to design a vacuum hose that’s a wee bit longer, say another 12 – 18″ once it’s stretched out. It would certainly make it easier to reach those dusty corners of my ceiling and the nether regions under our beds!

Eureka Pet Pal stock imageBuy It! The Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum is available for sale exclusively at Walmart stores. It retails for a very affordable $82.88! great for tight budgeted pet owners like me!

Promos! Share a picture of your pet and an expert cleaning trick in the Eureka “My Messy, Smelly, Dirty, Hairy Best Friend” contest! Five finalists will win the new Eureka® Pet Expert vacuum and a Target® gift card, with one purr-fectly messy pet named “Best in Show!” Contest ends August 27, 2010 11:59pm est.

Disclosure: Thank you to Eureka for sending a complimentary review product as described above to facilitate my candid review. All opinions and experiences are my own, yours may vary. My opinion is not swayed by product samples. No other compensation was received for this post.


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    Bobbie (One Scrappy Mom) says

    Wow! That looks very effective on pet hair! Love the BRUSH!

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    Holy cow — that thing obviously WORKS! And a great price!

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    Wow, that is one heck of a vacuum and priced quite nicely.

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    Love this vacuum! Great review :)

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    That pet power paw looks like a pretty handy feature!

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    Wow! I definitely need this vacuum. I have two dogs so lots of pet hair! Oh, and I love that your 9 year old does the vacuuming!

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