The Mouse, the Monster, and Me and Liking Myself children’s book reviews

As someone who has struggled with self esteem issues for her entire life, It is important to me that  my children have confidence in themselves. It’s often hard to know how to help them express their feelings in a positive way when it’s also a part of life that I’ve always had trouble with. I […]

Books that get my teen and tween reading! #SummerReadingSeries

On hot summer days there’s nothing I like better than relaxing with a glass of cold iced tea and a good long book. Books have been a constant friend in my life for as long as I can remember. Fostering this same love of reading in my children is a high priority on my mom-to-do […]

Addie Slaughter: The girl who met Geronimo (young readers)

On our quest to fill our summer days with fun reading material, I was happy to find a historical non fiction book for my tween daughter to review.  It’s always a treat to be able to find a book that presents our nation’s history in a way that appeals to young readers.  Addie Slaughter: The […]

Bindi Wildlife Adventures – book series by Bindi Sue Irwin

Do you remember The Crocodile Hunter Diaries TV show? Oh how we used to love that show, not only for it’s exciting moments but also because of wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin’s obvious passion for the endangered animals he loved so much. We were thrilled to hear that Steve and Terri Irwin’s little toddler, that we […]

Get to Know Your Kid – 100 questions to ask your child

My daughter is at the age where she likes to write down her thoughts, make up stories, and invent “secret bff clubs” with her friends. Sometimes I look at her and have the feeling that I just don’t know her as well as I used to. She’s growing up so quickly! there are so many […]

Toad Cottages & Shooting Stars – The Ultimate Grandma Handbook

Grandparent’s Day is upon us and that means it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful memories we’ve shared with them. I no longer have any living Grandparents but they all hold very special places in my heart. Memories of my Gramma N. are filled with bits and pieces of crafting, sewing, cooking, gardening, birdwatching, thrift […]

National Geographic Summer Boredom Buster Books

Summer is fading fast but there’s still plenty of time to get in some much needed summer reading for the kids! National Geographic Kids knows how to keep them engaged and interested while still having fun. The Big Book of Fun is the perfect take-a-long for vacation car rides or to just hand your kid […]

Oceanology Handbook: A Course for Underwater Explorers review

Summer is a great time for young adventurers to brush up on their knowledge.Those wishing to unlock the secrets of the deep blue sea will find all sorts of treasure in this wonderful book. The Oceanology Handbook: A Course For Underwater Explorers By Professor Pierre Aronnax From Press Release: “Explore the ocean’s wonders, real and […]

Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel Collection Book review

Is it hot and sticky and really stinkin’ HOT where you live? We feel like we’re all melting away here! This kind of weather calls for activities that require minimal movement! Bring in the books! Where’s Waldo? The Ultimate Travel CollectionBy Martin Handford Everyone knows Waldo! They just need to find him, and they’ll have […]

SHOW OFF: How to do Absolutely Everything. Book review

Are your kids bored out of their minds and begging you to entertain them yet? If so then you need to hand them this book! Show Off: How to Do Absolutely Everything. One Step at a Time. Written by Sarah Hines Stephens, Illustrated by Bethany Mann This hefty paperback has over 1,500 illustrations and 224 […]

Add National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011 to your child’s summer reading list!

If your children are anything like mine, they have a ton of questions. All day long it’s Why this, Why that, Where does this come from – it can be never ending! The National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011 is bound to give you a few hours of quiet time! This book is packed absolutely full […]

The Last River Child by Lori Ann Bloomfield – book review

The Last River Child by Lori Ann Bloomfield is a delightfully quick read that takes you on a journey through a young woman’s life as she struggles to find her place in the world. Full of tragedy, determination and triumph over people and situations that try to break her, the main character shows that if […]