New U-Build Monopoly family board game by Hasbro – Review

Hasbro U-Build Monopoly Box ImageIn celebration of it’s 75th year, Hasbro has amped up Monopoly and a few other family board game classics with a new U-Build style of play. Now you can customize your playing experience with five new U-Build games from Hasbro that include Monopoly, Sorry, Battleship, Mousetrap and Connect 4.

From press release:

In Monopoly U-Build you choose, you build, you play! Using hexagonal property spaces that snap together, players build a game track that creates a custom game board and determines the length of play. Use the Starter Track for a quick game before dinner, or try the Classic Track for longer-lasting fun. Once you’ve perfected these tracks, move onto the Pro or Freestyle Tracks for the ultimate gaming challenge.

One of our favorite ways to relax as a family is by playing games. We’ve played a lot of games over the years and love all kinds from card games to video games. And of course the classic Monopoly game everyone loves (did you know the orig. 1935 Monopoly game sold for $2? Fun fact!) After playing our new U-Build Monopoly game we’re not sure if we can go back to the old style! The kids (and mom too!) have gotten pretty creative with monopoly track layouts. What makes a freestyle one so great is that you don’t have to fiddle with it to make a perfect loop, that’s what the railroads are for. If your ends can’t connect, just stick a railroad on each one, then you can “jump” from one to the other during play.

U-Build Monopoly board game

We have played through both the quick 30 minute Starter track and a LONG freestyle custom game with the track built by Pie and shown above. I think we played the custom track for about 2 hours, all in between watching TV, taking 2 phone calls and chasing kittens, so maybe it should have taken less time lol! I was a bit scared when I first saw all of the pieces, it looked like it might be a bit complicated to set up and play but in reality the learning curve was very minimal.

Unassembled U-Build Monopoly game

The gameplay is basically the same as any other Monopoly board with the exception of being able to tick off your hubby by putting hazards next to his property, thereby making all of his residential rents useless… MWUAHAHAHAHA! You can also place bonus buildings, skyscrapers (double all rents!) and a Monopoly Tower. My favorite bonus building is the stadium  which you can buy once you have 2 properties in any color group. It will let you collect 3 MILLION every time you pass GO instead of the 2 million the game  usually allows (Hubbies aren’t too fond of this either if someone else gets it).

Playing the new U-Build Monopoly Hasbro board game

Working Bridges, unexpected Chance cards and fun new city block names all add to the excitement. Working with money in the millions instead of thousands (from 10k to 5million) gave our sluggish summer brains a good workout and even Pie was figuring things correctly after a few rounds. I think my favorite thing about being able to customize how we play is that the properties can be in any order you want. It’s really nice not to have every single big money property in that dreaded “bankruptcy row”! A word of advice, don’t put the “Go To Jail” Space five blocks after the “Jail” space. It can turn you into an angry hardened criminal quickly!

Promos & Fun Stuff!Visit Hasbro on Facebook for the latest news & contest info. Currently the“Money Makes It Real” contest is in full swing! You could win the money in the Monopoly game bank!

Buy It! You can purchase Monopoly U-Build at Amazon, Kmart, Walmart, Target & ToysRUs Stores. (Ages 8 years up (small parts pose a choking hazard for those under 3 years of age), Approximate Retail Price: $19.99, Players: 2-6)

Thanks to Hasbro for sending a complimentary review product as described above to facilitate our family’s candid review. All opinions and experiences are my own, yours may vary. No other compensation was received for this post. Amazon affiliate link included.


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    Shop with Me Mama says

    Love monopoly! Looks like you all had a great time playing it!

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    Only $20 for that? Super! And it sounds like so much fun. I really like to play Monopoly and this one is perfect for that creative brain of mine. :-) Great review!

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    It makes set up itself a bit of a game.

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    Lady V dZine says

    Now that looks like a lot of fun. Although, with the two toddlers, it is probably one we would have to enjoy after they go to bed.

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    How fun!!!! I am going to have to check that out because we love Monopoly but the "older" version is much harder for my younger ones! Thanks!

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    i know this sounds kinda odd but is there any way you can email me a picture of royal court im missing a green property card .thank you so much if you can.

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