25 Family Fun Easter Recipes & Crafts

With less than a week left before Easter arrives, we’ve been searching for delicious and fun ways to spend some of our Spring break together. From orange rolls to book page bunting and Bunny tails to Easter cheese balls – here is a list of 25 great recipe and craft ideas for a very hoppy […]

ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda Kitchen & Laundry Tips

If you are anything like me, ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda may have been one of the very first things you purchased when you moved into your own home. {what’s a kitchen without baking soda??} Growing up, I knew that I could use baking soda for everything from baking cookies to soothing a bee sting and […]

So you want to be a review blogger? A few simple tips.

When people ask me what I do, I always hesitate. I am a blogger but up until recently, I never said to anyone out loud — “I am a professional blogger.” It just didn’t seem adequate to tell them that I work from home as a blogger. Sometimes, people give you the look and trying […]

Four Fun Family Vacation Ideas for Older Kids

Once a child hits a certain age, some parents assume that they can no longer keep their offspring properly entertained. I admit, it can sometimes be a challenge to get my older children excited about spending the day with mom and dad. Parents may believe that there are few acceptable options when it comes getting […]

Saving a buck at the Amish discount grocery store

Not far away, there is a small discount grocery store run by a local Amish family. Located on a side road, the drive from our house is scenic and fairly quick. I always seem to forget about this small store, it’s out of the way and the only time I remember to go there is […]

4 Tips On Installing Hardwood Flooring – DIY

Installing hardwood flooring yourself is the easiest way to get trendy flooring in your home without spending tons of money. You can even install heated floor systems for your bathroom or eco-chic bamboo floors. The possibilities are endless with hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are significantly easier to clean, and they can give your home a new feel […]

Pie shows How To Quickly Fold a t-Shirt

You learn something new everyday, I tell ya! Pie is going through her clothes, sorting out what does and doesn’t fit as we get ready for back-to-school shopping. She called me into her room to show me a new way to fold her t-shirts.  Her phone must be good for something since she looked it […]

5 simple ways to keep the kitchen cleaner

Besides the bathrooms, the kitchen is one of the messiest rooms in our home. Cleaning it can often be a big pain but there are a few simple tips that can help get the job done faster! Never fill the sink with dirty dishes: If you have a dishwasher, I envy you! If like my family, […]

Neat design tool

I’ve become a bit obsessed by a nifty little tool I found today. Lately I’ve been thinking about redoing my blog design because it’s kind of blah looking to me. Boring, dingy, old. I stare it for several hours everyday and I need a change! Nope, I am no designer, but I do like to […]

Fire Prevention Week Safety Tips

October 4-10 is fire prevention week. We all could use a refresher on some safety tips. I’ll be sharing this info with my children as well. There are fun games and printables that you family can explore together to help your child learn ways to stay safe! Sparky the Fire Dog® needs your help to […]

Top 200 BBC Books

I thought this was an interesting list. According to BBC’s Big Read these titles are the top 200 books in the UK. Just for fun I’m going to keep track of what I’ve read on the list. I can see I have a lot of reading to do. I have many more books on my […]

A little Grocery Tip

At our local grocery store, Tuesday is a day to look forward to! On Tuesdays around 11am they stock the shelf back by the doughnuts with discounted baked products. Now these aren’t from the store bakery, these are name brand goodies! Yesterday I bought Pepperidge Farms bread for $1.09 a loaf! I got a loaf […]