The Scoop on Daily Deals and Flash Sales

Daily deals and flash sales are the hottest new kids on the block! When it comes to scoring discounts on business-related purchases, several group-buying websites are proving that there’s power in numbers. Check out the infographic to get the scoop on daily deals and flash sites!   Infographic by Dailysale Used with permission Source:

Saving a buck at the Amish discount grocery store

Not far away, there is a small discount grocery store run by a local Amish family. Located on a side road, the drive from our house is scenic and fairly quick. I always seem to forget about this small store, it’s out of the way and the only time I remember to go there is […]

Wordless Wednesday – thrift store finds make for happy kids!

Probably the best $39.99 I’ve spent in a long long time. Salvation Army thrift = Happy kids who are getting along and singing together :).

How do you use online coupons and promotional discounts to save money?

Online shopping has many advantages over in store shopping. Besides being able to browse a larger variety of items, and many different stores, from your own home, you can save quite a bit of gas money by “computer browsing”. Some websites like make it extremely easy to shop online by providing great deals and […]