Going to bed before I rip my hair out

Okay, so now my blog looks like an Easter egg threw up all over it. Grr! UPDATE: After laboring over the colors of my blog all day today {Monday}, I have settled on this fresh green and spring like design. I hope you like because I think it will be around for awhile. Or, at […]

Neat design tool

I’ve become a bit obsessed by a nifty little tool I found today. Lately I’ve been thinking about redoing my blog design because it’s kind of blah looking to me. Boring, dingy, old. I stare it for several hours everyday and I need a change! Nope, I am no designer, but I do like to […]

That’s Weird!

I’ve been messing with my blog most of the day trying to get my menu bar to look, act, work the way I want it to. I’m trying to get the blog to load a little faster. It’s image heavy so I thought I would do away with the images and use text for my […]