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I’ve become a bit obsessed by a nifty little tool I found today. Lately I’ve been thinking about redoing my blog design because it’s kind of blah looking to me. Boring, dingy, old. I stare it for several hours everyday and I need a change! Nope, I am no designer, but I do like to use to play around with stuff. Sometimes the best place for me to start is with color. I like brown, can you tell? Green, deep red, pink, teal, MMMM love it! I hate trying to get a good color with the little eye dropper tool thingy. ColorSuckr solves my problem people! I even installed the Firefox plugin, sweetness!

Go ahead spend a hour or 4 browsing Flickr and sucking those colors right out of some gorgeous photos! Here are some I liked today.

What do you think? Isn’t that fun? Or is it just me…..

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    I' going through a blog redesign phase too right now on my diary blog. I've still not got quite there. May teen is helping me!

  2. 2

    Sorry I was disturbed writing that comment. I was trying to say 'my teenage daughter is helping me' lol :)

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