A little Grocery Tip

At our local grocery store, Tuesday is a day to look forward to! On Tuesdays around 11am they stock the shelf back by the doughnuts with discounted baked products. Now these aren’t from the store bakery, these are name brand goodies! Yesterday I bought Pepperidge Farms bread for $1.09 a loaf! I got a loaf each of 9 grain, dark Whole Wheat, Oatmeal & Rye! They had a ton more but we can only eat so much bread! The week before I bought some of the Pepperidge Farms Bagels, 1 regular and 1 whole wheat for $0.99 a bag! This is a huge savings considering these breads usually sell for $2-$4 each! They store beautifully in the freezer and can go straight to the toaster frozen, YUM! You should definitely check your local store to see if they have this special! I always missed it until I finally asked an employee when the heck the bread came in! lol.

Tip: Don't store your bread in the refrigerator, it goes stale faster. Store it in the freezer. It defrosts quickly and stays fresh much longer that way!

Don’t forget to enter the Better Homes & Gardens Sweepstakes today! The prize today is a set of 6 Tritan Crystal Wine/Water Goblets!

I found a few freebies today. First here’s a free mousepad from Hostohost.com, who can’t use a new one of those!
Hey, how about a free Kelly Clarkson song? Enter “Dove” in the box and click redeem for a free track on Walmart.com! I love free music downloads!

Stay Dry!

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