Four Fun Family Vacation Ideas for Older Kids

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Once a child hits a certain age, some parents assume that they can no longer keep their offspring properly entertained. I admit, it can sometimes be a challenge to get my older children excited about spending the day with mom and dad. Parents may believe that there are few acceptable options when it comes getting your kids involved in  planning fun family vacation ideas; that does not have to be the case. Family fun time can be an exciting experience for every member of the group:

Amusement Park

This option may only be available during certain times of the year. Nevertheless, it is something that a family looking for a fun time should consider. Some amusement parks focus on particularly young children; if a family has older children, such amusement parks should not be taken under consideration. Amusement parks may have distinctive stage shows that older children might enjoy; such as animal talent, magic or even light and music shows.

On top of this, a park may carry a variety of thrill rides for the adventure seeker. If it is warm outside, a family may test a ride that involves a significant amount of water. If the amusement park is popular, it may offer hotels for extended stays. Some  on site hotels may even allow for extra perks while at the park.

Camping Trip

Though some people are not fans of sitting in the wilderness, it is not unusual for a family to go on a camping trip. A camping trip allows a family to get away from daily worries, letting them focus on spending time with each other. There are numerous camping grounds around the country, and each area has unique benefits. Each member of the family may help with the process of building a fire, setting up camp and planning the daily activities. If a person wishes to try something different, he or she may go hiking or fishing. It is crucial to perform research in order to determine appropriate camping gear for the location you plan to visit.

Visit a Spa

Camping is not appropriate for every family. Some people may be unable to drive across the country or state. If a family has older children in the mix, it is a terrific idea to visit a spa. A spa is an excellent place for relaxing and letting go of the daily stress of work and school. If a person wishes to get away from the rest of the group, he or she may receive a massage. Many spas are large, and this allows a group to spread out and spend time apart. When a person is away from distractions, he or she can focus on the environment.

Trip to the Zoo

You may think that the zoo is no longer an option once the children are older. This is not always the case, especially if the child has an interest in animals or photography. Many zoos have attractions that older family members would enjoy. If your child likes photography, they may enjoy a day spent snapping photos of animals and plants on the zoo grounds. Daily shows that feature trained birds and aquatic animals are popular with family members of all ages. Some zoos may even offer guided tours for a great learning experience. 

In order to afford a fun vacation, a family should sit down and create a budget and saving plan to allow for a fun stress-free time. The ideas above may help a family choose an appropriate vacation destination.

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    All wonderful ideas. We don’t do much but we do travel around good old NY. There are so many beautiful places. Oh and waiting to bring Zoe to the spa, she keeps asking!

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    Love these tips!! I think an amusement park is perfect as they get older.

  3. 4

    These are great, we camp and do the amusement parks every summer,and I keep promising my daughter a spa date in my mind (thankfully I haven’t said it out loud yet). :)

  4. 5

    I love camping! My husband and I are planning a trip to the coast with our baby son all using public transit! It’s a 7 hour trip and will quite the adventure!

  5. 6

    This is such a great list! Even at 23, I enjoy all of those things you listed. I haven’t had my first spa trip, but I can imagine it would be wonderful. I look forward to taking Bella when she gets older. That is a beautiful shot of your kids too, by the way!

  6. 7

    great ideas! thanks for sharing

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    Tami Vollenweider says

    It’s true after a certain age,it’s hard to think what you can do to entertain them!I think the Amusement Park idea would be my first choice

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