4 Types of Security You Can’t Live Without

In simpler times, we were able to walk out of the house and give no mind to locking the doors or closing the windows. At least, that is the story Baby Boomers tell their grandkids. These days no one would want to leave their door unlocked even if they thought it was safe. It just […]

Staying Safe and Prepared for Life’s Sideswipes

We all want to stay safe and avoid trouble. Life, unfortunately, doesn’t always work out this way. Luckily the majority of these dramatic disruptions don’t amount to much more than bumps and bruises, relatively speaking. Yet it’s always better to be safe than sorry, requiring families to hope for the best but prepare for the […]

10 Ways to Keep your Home Safe from Break-ins

Statistics have determined that in the U.S a home break-in occurs every 14.4 seconds; that is roughly 2.5 million break-ins each year. This sad fact should provide enough incentive to inspire you to beef-up the security of your home. Better safe than sorry is the philosophy that every homeowner should live by, especially during the burglary […]

Fire Prevention Week Safety Tips

October 4-10 is fire prevention week. We all could use a refresher on some safety tips. I’ll be sharing this info with my children as well. There are fun games and printables that you family can explore together to help your child learn ways to stay safe! Sparky the Fire Dog® needs your help to […]

National Seat Check Saturday

I no longer have children small enough for car seats, but it is still something I think about. When I see little ones standing up in the backseats of cars, or riding in the front on people’s laps it really irks me! Children should be taught car safety, they should know that they need to […]