Not Good Enough

I have zero motivation. No inspiration. Life at the moment is boring, uneventful. Yet, there are still times when I do miraculously think of a topic to sit down and write about. I ready myself, excited to let the words flow out of me and to be able to create a sentence, a paragraph — […]

What day is it??

Rain Rain Rain …and yep you guessed it, more rain! Ugh, this dreary wet mushy muddy swampy weather seems to have everyone on auto pilot lately! Even Mr.T. came home from school yesterday and asked me what was wrong with everyone! Why is everyone so quiet lately he asked? I looked up at him from […]

Going to bed before I rip my hair out

Okay, so now my blog looks like an Easter egg threw up all over it. Grr! UPDATE: After laboring over the colors of my blog all day today {Monday}, I have settled on this fresh green and spring like design. I hope you like because I think it will be around for awhile. Or, at […]

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine! But…

Oh my freakin’ BLAHHHHHH! Why do my kids have to argue with each other about everything? Is it normal? I don’t know, maybe it’s just the time of year. I swear they used to get along see…

This is the Blah – Randomness!

Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I would like to shout such a phrase as this just to see what would happen. This is the BLAH I say!! lol. Someone sent this pic to me the other day and I kept it. It sums those Blah days up and makes me laugh. I am […]

This. Day. Bites.

My Mom and Lee are moving today. Moving to town. Four miles away. Moving into a 3rd floor apartment. In town. Four miles away. I hate it. Can you tell this is going to be a rant? Sorry, but I need to vent. I’ll say it again just because I have to. My Mom and […]

I’m annoyed

My hubs, Super Genius, is a contractor. That means that he works quite a bit but it’s sporadic, unplanned and often last minute. It means that he may be home for the day, a few days, or working from 7am – 7pm for a week straight. He might be in and out of the house […]