The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Days Eleven & Twelve

Prompt for day 11: A photo that makes you laugh. Prompt for day 12: Something you do every day. I am going to be random with this photo prompt thing from now on because frankly, I think that I’ve been over thinking it. As you might have noticed, I haven’t been keeping up with it. […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day Nine & Ten

I guess I should’ve known better when I joined the 31 day challenge. I can never remember to actually write the post! SO… I will double up the next few prompts to get caught back up! Are you still playing along? Day 9 Prompt: Your most treasured item. Day 10 Prompt: Your favorite room in […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day Eight

Today’s Prompt: A birthday celebration. I’m falling behind on this challenge! Yikes! We celebrate every birthday with a party of some kind. I couldn’t think of a favorite birthday so I randomly chose a year out of my Photobucket albums and found a picture from each of the kids’ birthdays that year. It happened to […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day Seven

Today’s prompt: Something you use every day. At first I was drawing a blank about something I use everyday. I mean I use many many things every single day! The computer sprang to mind first and foremost… but that’s a given! I use the car, the fridge, the coffeepot, the bed, the couch, spell check, […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge – Day Six

Today’s Prompt: A favorite memory. How to choose a favorite memory! There is no way that I can, too many moments are favorites :) So what I ended up doing was visiting my Photobucket and choosing the first thing that I saw in my Family Pictures Album. Wow! It’s a little video from 2007. I […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day Five

Today’s prompt: Your day. My day is actually about yesterday {Friday} because I’ve been putting up my photo & prompt post the night before so I don’t forget! Today {Friday} was a good day. I had three bags of Girl Scout Cookies left to deliver in order to clear the house {and my brain} of […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day Four

Today’s Prompt: An experience that made you who you are today. I don’t think there is one defining moment, or even any one particular experience that made me the person I am today. Growing up, we always seemed to be surrounded by family. Family was the most important thing, and for me, it still is. […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day Three

Today’s Prompt: Your favorite show. Hmmm, I don’t really have just one favorite show. If I have to pick just one, I do love the new-last-year NBC series Parenthood. The Braverman family dynamic and realistic relationships are so interesting to watch. Each character’s personality is unique and the situations the show brings up are relevant, […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day Two

Today’s Prompt: The person (or people) that make your world go around. Without a doubt the people in my life who make my world complete are my two children and my man. Where would I be without my family? I love them so much and thank God everyday for sending them to me! I am […]

The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day One

Today’s Prompt: A photo of yourself with 10 facts. People scare me, I get anxious and turn into a babbling idiot. Depending on my mood, I’m either mute or talking my head off. I love to sing, I’m an awful singer, but it doesn’t stop me. Ask the kids :) Crocheting, reading, and gaming are […]

it’s gravy, Baby – The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge

Sometimes I find it very hard to come up with something to post about, hence the boring blog lately. This is why I have decided to participate in The 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge hosted by Whitney over at it’s gravy, Baby. I’ve never done one of these before, so I can’t promise that […]