What’s in my messy fridge?

I think that Trisha from MomDot is on a mission to get us bloggers to showcase our worst habits with her most recent “blog carnival” posts! lol! I do like to take a peek into other people’s lives though, this is such a fun way to do so! Each week she is asking bloggers to […]

5 things you would learn about me if you walked through my house

I’m playing along with a fun blog carnival from MomDot.com. Here are five quick things you would learn about me if you walked through my house… besides the fact that the house is a mess! Number One: My daughter likes to start crafts and projects then leave them all over the living room and coffee […]

Wordless Wednesday – Chicken chasing and my hubby #ww

My silly hubby thinks he can get away with these types of things. The chickens keep running down the road and over to the neighbor’s yard so hubby has been using the lawn mower to wrangle them back into the yard. Um… really? He actually said these words to me when he noticed me standing […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – And the fun never ends #ww

I see lots of moms mention how much their little ones love boxes. The box usually gets played with more than the toy that came in it. I just thought I’d tell you that THE BOX never gets old. My kids love the box. They’re weird.

Silly Kids

Imagine you have 2 children, they are 13 & 8, they like to argue…with each other. You often wonder if you get through to them at all. Say on Valentines Day you go shopping with your mom…for 7 hours….let’s just say you leave the kids home….with your hubby (insert evil laugh here). What if they […]