Last Wordless Wednesday of Summer Vacation!

Enjoying the last days of freedom for the kids! School starts next week!

{almost} Wordless Wednesday: The Springfree Trampoline = FUN!

Our Springfree Trampoline arrived last week! Our friends were visiting so they helped put it together. (sorry for my incessant instruction nitpicking guys!) It took a couple of very hot sweaty hours (it was almost 90 out that day!) but the guys got it done without any problems! A herd of children were waiting to […]

Wordless Wednesday – Grandma with Attitude

EEeeek! Mom’s got a gun! lol :) My mom playing around with the airsoft gun my son got for his birthday this weekend.

Wordless Wednesday – Cute Cuddly Kittens!

Lord help me, we are now a three cat household! Mr.T. with his rambunctious rascal Jupiter. Pie with her fluffy fluffball shy kitty Nylee Super Genius (the “non” cat person) cuddling Juipiter Mama Cleo nursing her little family NOT a kitten…. but still adorable!

Wordless Wednesday – Fourth of July Evening at the Lake

Wordless Wednesday – Summer Weekend Outing

I do realize that Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be A picture and no words…. but I just can’t choose one picture! I can’t…. so here’s eight pictures of us having fun last weekend at one of our favorite spots :)

Wordless Wednesday – All dressed up for bridging

My little Brownie bridged to Juniors tonight!! I remember when she was just a little Daisy! How time flies!

not so Wordless Wednesday – My Egg Makers

Thank you dearies for leaving me your speckled multi-hued surprises everyday.For soft clucking, loud cackling and kamikaze chicken stunts to escape to “the other side” I love you for relentlessly destroying my moss roses and scratching the mulch out of the flower beds.I know you think it looks better scattered across the lawn. Bless your […]

Wordless Wednesday – Swinging into Summer vacation

Does this scream Freedom or what? I think Pie’s enjoying summer so far :)

Wordless Wednesday – Mom feels major Growing Pains

Is it just me or are kids growing way too fast these days? Mr.T. on the right w/ a friend (left) From the kid who’s too cool to stand with his mom and who is now officially taller than said mom….. I did NOT authorize this growing taller than mom bit!! To the girl who […]

Wordless Wednesday – A Mother’s Patience

Our little banty hen Gabby has been sitting on her four precious little bundles for 19 days now. With a little luck her perseverance will pay off in another 2-4 days and we’ll have baby chicks to love :)    Who’s the Daddy?Flapjack or Rusty?

Wordless Wednesday – A little Catnap

Cleo took advantage of the break in the rain and had a little nap in the stone birdbath. What a smart kitty! Link up your WW posts!