Wordless Wednesday – Cute Cuddly Kittens!

Lord help me, we are now a three cat household! Mr.T. with his rambunctious rascal Jupiter. Pie with her fluffy fluffball shy kitty Nylee Super Genius (the “non” cat person) cuddling Juipiter Mama Cleo nursing her little family NOT a kitten…. but still adorable!

Cleopatra the Cat had a very surprising surprise!

Cleo the Cat was not just fat as I had thought. She had been, in fact, hiding something sweet and cute and precious. Two little bundles that look just like their mother :)Kittens arrived on June 3rd! Ginger now feels her mission in life to is guard over Cleo and the kittens. She really hates […]

Wordless Wednesday – A little Catnap

Cleo took advantage of the break in the rain and had a little nap in the stone birdbath. What a smart kitty! Link up your WW posts!

A Thousand Word Thursday

This is one of the types of photos I frequently find on my camera. How they arrive on my camera is a mystery and I am always amused and sometimes a little miffed when I find strange things there. Especially torturous things done to my pets (such as this photo). This one however made my […]