not so Wordless Wednesday – My Egg Makers

A Hen's Nest - my backyard chickens

Thank you dearies for leaving me your speckled multi-hued surprises everyday.
For soft clucking, loud cackling and kamikaze chicken stunts to escape to “the other side”

I love you for relentlessly destroying my moss roses and scratching the mulch out of the flower beds.
I know you think it looks better scattered across the lawn.

Bless your little chicken livers hearts for stealing the cat food from the poor defenseless cat, she wasn’t hungry anyway.

I understand your impatience to be let out into “the yard” for your evening constitutional. I know it’s important to you to have time to stand under the bunny hutch and scratch yourselves before bedtime.

Thank you my sweets for making me laugh while I wash the dishes and giving me reason to run outside every hour or so to wave my arms and chase you away from my garden with a loving yell. The neighbors must delight in it.

A Hen's Nest - gathering eggs

You are worth it all…


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With a love for the outdoors and visiting local attractions in and around NW PA and Lake Erie, you never know what you'll find in my nest! Subscribe to A Hen's Nest so you don't miss the fun!


  1. What a funny post! My husband wants chickens next, since the goats didn't pan out. Me? I am more content to let others enjoy their chickens LOL

    Happy wed!

  2. Love the chickens (and your thoughts on them too)!

  3. I enjoyed your love/hate story about your chickens!

  4. Blessings Abound says

    I hear you on the chickens, lol. They are so much work, but the rewards are great! :)

  5. JDaniel4's Mom says

    They really keep you hopping. I hope the cat finds food somewhere.

  6. Kathy Mom Blog says

    Wow. They are so colorful and pretty.

  7. Auntie E says

    Oh fresh eggs, yumm. Love it. Grandpa had chicken and I loved the taste of the eggs. still remember them to this day.
    My WW link for you

  8. Great story, must be great to have fresh eggs!

  9. Lucky you! I remember picking eggs when I was young, but they were almost all boring white. I have a friend who's chickens lay colored eggs – they're not just for Easter anymore :)

  10. tiff snedaker says

    How nice that you get fresh eggs. Looks like good little egg makers :)

  11. Simply Being Mommy says

    LOL, thanks for the laugh this morning! I definitely needed it :)

  12. Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) says

    I'm sure your neighbours love the occasional yell. Who doesn't really? ;)

  13. Ms. Sarah says

    thank you for the much needed giggle

  14. Lady V dZine says
  15. GrammyMouseTails says

    Heheehe… lovely little tale. I will let you raise the chickens, I am allergic to feathers, but enjoy watching & feeding all the wild birds that visit. both neighbors had chickens.. one who had them loose all the time, and they would be over here eating the wild bird food or nesting in my pine trees. the other had a variety over the years, the last, a small special breed where the hen was the boss over the rooster and a delite to watch them follow her around the yard. thanks for sharing your nest! Faythe @GMT

  16. At least it's worth it! When my parent's chickens get out, they always feel the need to chase us. I think they are a little crazy!

  17. with the amount of eggs we eat we should have chickens too!
    happy WW

  18. I LOVE fresh eggs! Cute post!

  19. Oh, I am so jealous of your complicated relationship here. :) I would love to have chickens someday — but I'll have to wait till we have a yard.


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