Eggs-pect the Best – brunch with Eggland’s Best! #EBbrunch

You may have noticed that I like eggs, after all — we do have a backyard full of chickens! Yes, we do still buy eggs on occasion! Whether our girls are on a molting strike, or I just need a few extra eggs in the fridge, I want the store eggs that I do buy […]

Spring Brunch Strata with ham, potatoes and cheese #EBbrunch

Recently, I threw a fun egg themed brunch where I focused on creating recipes that use nutritious Eggland’s Best eggs. I thought I would share just one of the dishes that I served to my guests. I decided to make a cross between a strata and a frittata — this is what I came up […]

5-minute Fresh Egg White & Herb Breakfast Wrap – Spring #recipe

One of my very favorite things about living in the country, is being able to walk a few steps out my back door, and find breakfast waiting for me. Out in the coop, I gently slip my hand underneath Penny and find three warm eggs — the girls have already been taking turns on the […]

My favorite Egg Salad sandwich #recipe

You either love an egg salad sandwich, or you hate it. I happen to enjoy them, especially in the summer when my chickens are laying eggs like crazy. Sandwiches are the perfect way to use up all of those excess eggs!  This is a quick recipe that can be varied to suite any taste, this […]

not so Wordless Wednesday – My Egg Makers

Thank you dearies for leaving me your speckled multi-hued surprises everyday.For soft clucking, loud cackling and kamikaze chicken stunts to escape to “the other side” I love you for relentlessly destroying my moss roses and scratching the mulch out of the flower beds.I know you think it looks better scattered across the lawn. Bless your […]

Wordless Wednesday – Random photos from our week

Pie’s recycled craft project for Earth Day / Grandparent’s Day at school – we found directions for the mini greenhouse on   We woke up to a rainbow one morning this week – you can just make out the second one behind it. Yay for double rainbows in the morning! Oh and look what was […]

BOGO Free Eggs Friday!

On Friday morning at 10 am est / 7 am pt run over to the Incredible Edible Eggs Facebook page and become a fan! 30,000 BOGO coupons will be available as a first-come first-served download via the “Free Eggs” tab on Friday, 2/5. The “buy-one get-one free” coupon is good for any brand of eggs […]

Mutant Chicken Strikes Again

So THAT”S what all the fuss was about earlier. I completely understand dearies :)   This one is large & wrinkly!   Pardon my daughter’s bright red nail polish, she’s celebrating no school!  

Not a mutant Chicken….

I swear I’m not feeding my chickens some kind of super growth hormones. I’m not harboring mutant chickens or collecting eggs from some freaky She-Woman hen. No, but somehow , someway, someone out in the coop MUST have one sore bottom! I suspect my Oldest Buff Orpington “Buffy” (yes, real original, I know). Every day […]

Happy Chickens

It actually feels like Spring today! The sun is simply beautiful this morning. Almost all of Mother Nature”s silly white trick of the night before last is melted away, it feels wonderful outside. The sun rise on the frost was gorgeous but I’m still glad that it will soon be gone for another season. I […]