Wordless Wednesday – Day at Presque Isle State Park #ww

Last Thursday, Pie and I picked up our two favorite cousins and spent the entire day at the lake.  It was a perfect 73 degrees and partly sunny and while we didn’t swim — we did have the most wonderful time digging for lake glass, wading along the shore and exploring the many beaches of […]

{almost wordless} weekly snapshots #ww

Isn’t rescue chick getting big! He/she/it is almost bigger than Mama Tweet already! And, is it just me or does the little red chick on the right remind you of a roadrunner? This photo cracks me up every time. You probably have to know Ginger to know why she’s pouting. She’s thinking, just shoot me […]

Chillin’ at Conneaut Beach – Wordless Wednesday #WW

We spent the day at the beach on Saturday. I want to go back right now and lay there forever. I guess this is what teenagers do on the beach nowadays… Also, my son turned 16 today… 16. I can’t wrap my brain around it! he’s still my little boy! And I feel old. Mister […]

Wordless Wednesday – Fourth of July Evening at the Lake

Good for the soul! Our First visit to the Lake in 2010

Somehow my brain just skipped right over Wednesday so I missed out on posting my planned Wordless post! I knew I should have scheduled it in! I couldn’t wait until next week to share these fun lake pictures with you though. Last week my daughter’s friend called up late in the afternoon to go to […]