Wordless Wednesday – Ginger

I just can’t stand how cute those litle toes peeking out are!All she can think is “Please let me in, I’m freezing”. For More Wordless Wednesday checkTwo of a Kind Working on a Full House, MomStart,5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers, Jolly Mom and Momdot!

Our Gingerbread House (yep we used a kit!)

Pie & Mr.T. successfully built a gingerbread house this weekend! This is a big step up from the gingerbread house disaster of last year! lol   Of course the funnest part is eating the leftover icing! They thoroughly enjoyed every last lick they could squeeze out of that bag! I’ve got to say that that […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

Mr.T. made his mask from an insert in an old skeleton mask. It was just a plain white piece of plastic with a broken string off lights! I think he did a great job. You can’t tell but he even put a zipper on the mouth! He got many compliments – and stares from small […]

Wordless Wednesday – The Leaf Pile

My view from the leaves, I laid there for a good half hour just enjoying. Ginger never leaves my side, never! Bless her heart! Honey, come lay in the leaves with me? Leaves in Love:) For More Wordless Wednesday check5 Minutes For Mom, Extraordinary Mothers and Momdot!

Picture of My Life

Sharing just a little bit of our weekend with you!

Wordless Wednesday – After Dinner Walk

Happy Birthday Dad, Memories are all we have

Dad’s 61st birthday is today and the memories are surrounding me, tugging at my foggy brain and the hands of time. One memory of my Dad that I hold on to is of him and me as a child, sitting in church, swinging my feet from the folding chair and listening to the hum of […]

My sweet Ginger

I have a little visitor this morning! Whose cheeks grow even more enormouswith every sunflower seed stuffed into them and who worries my Ginger something awful because didn’t you know…chipmunks are evil ;) It’s torture I tell youPure torture! For more A Thousand Words Thursday visit Cheaper Than Therapy.

Not a baby anymore

Today   My Daughter Turns 9 Oh how time flies!   !!!!!! 9 !!!!!!

Wordless Wednesday – What’s on my camera?

For More Wordless Wednesday check 5 Minutes for Mom. I wasn’t going to do Wordless Wednesday today, until I downloaded the pics from my camera and found this one. Lol, guess she likes that new cereal?? p.s. What the heck am I doing? Looks like I’m on my tip toes digging for chocolate on top […]

Wordless Wednesday – Taking Flight

Find more Wordless Wednesday posts and add yours. I find it difficult to be wordless! I must elaborate :) Pie and Super G. found this sweet little sparrow with it’s leg trapped in the top of the privacy fence! It was dangling there and exhausted. After a rest and a pat the little darling flew […]

A Thousand Words Thursday – School!

Pie & Mr. T. Went back to school yesterday! I can’t believe how big they are getting! For more A Thousand Words Thursday stop by Cheaper Than Therapy!