Wordless Wednesday – and silliness abounds #ww

My children are……. interesting, to say the least! Please tell me that mine are not the only ones who act like this? Please?

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – And the fun never ends #ww

I see lots of moms mention how much their little ones love boxes. The box usually gets played with more than the toy that came in it. I just thought I’d tell you that THE BOX never gets old. My kids love the box. They’re weird.

Summer chores help kids learn that work can be fun!

Now that our two kids have been home for summer vacation for almost an entire month it’s turning into a free-for-all clutter fest around here! Super G. decided it was time to dig out the old chore chart idea. I’ve tried  making fancy ones in the past but everyone (including the mom-enforcer) usually loses interest […]

What my kids are doing right now

Inventive use of a milk jug? It’s going to be a long Easter weekend :)

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine! But…

Oh my freakin’ BLAHHHHHH! Why do my kids have to argue with each other about everything? Is it normal? I don’t know, maybe it’s just the time of year. I swear they used to get along see…

A Thousand Words Thursday – School!

Pie & Mr. T. Went back to school yesterday! I can’t believe how big they are getting! For more A Thousand Words Thursday stop by Cheaper Than Therapy!

Random Ramblings from a Mad Woman

My poor blog has been neglected lately! I haven’t been able to find the time I need to sit down and get anything done! We’ve been so busy I feel like a chicken running around without a head! hahah! Chicken, get it?? no?? oh well, I’m tired and make no sense! Any who, we’ve gone […]

Super Genuis strikes again – or how the kids cool off

I would like to state here and now, just for the record, that my husband is a bad influence. Totally bad. Look what the kids are doing this very minute! I think the over 90 degree temps today may have went to his head. This, my friends, is what I see out of my back […]

Blog Hop Favorite Photos

One of my very favorite photos of my children. They are getting along! October 2005 I’ve always loved this picture of Pie & Ginger.The epitome of my daughter at that age, dresses & barn bootsSeptember 2004

Silly Kids

Imagine you have 2 children, they are 13 & 8, they like to argue…with each other. You often wonder if you get through to them at all. Say on Valentines Day you go shopping with your mom…for 7 hours….let’s just say you leave the kids home….with your hubby (insert evil laugh here). What if they […]