Wordless Wednesday – What’s on my camera?

For More Wordless Wednesday check 5 Minutes for Mom. I wasn’t going to do Wordless Wednesday today, until I downloaded the pics from my camera and found this one. Lol, guess she likes that new cereal?? p.s. What the heck am I doing? Looks like I’m on my tip toes digging for chocolate on top […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

Last week I shared a picture of poor Cleo being used and abused for my daughter & hubby’s entertainment pleasure. This week my Ginger (Ginger Grant – The Movie Star) had her photo snapped by my dear, silly, delightful daughter. I think Ginger’s expression says it all as she calmy and patiently takes whatever attention […]

A Thousand Word Thursday

This is one of the types of photos I frequently find on my camera. How they arrive on my camera is a mystery and I am always amused and sometimes a little miffed when I find strange things there. Especially torturous things done to my pets (such as this photo). This one however made my […]