{almost} Wordless Wednesday: The Springfree Trampoline = FUN!

Our Springfree Trampoline arrived last week! Our friends were visiting so they helped put it together. (sorry for my incessant instruction nitpicking guys!) It took a couple of very hot sweaty hours (it was almost 90 out that day!) but the guys got it done without any problems! A herd of children were waiting to […]

Weekend Wanderings – Family Reunion & Battles Museum visit

We had a really fun family weekend, it went by so fast but I think we managed to make some good memories! On Saturday it was the annual family reunion at the. After a little mix up with the time (we were two hours late! eek!) the rest of the day was spent visiting, chatting, […]

Wordless Wednesday – Grandma with Attitude

EEeeek! Mom’s got a gun! lol :) My mom playing around with the airsoft gun my son got for his birthday this weekend.

Random Pictures of our Life – July 2010

Remember the ducks we got way back in May? Our sole survivor, “Sammy” is getting so big! (our other three were taken by something one night, :( we think an owl or coon) Sammy is such a sweetheart and I love his beautiful blue eyes and happy quackings. Sammy’s friend is Tweet who if you […]

Wordless Wednesday – Summer Weekend Outing

I do realize that Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be A picture and no words…. but I just can’t choose one picture! I can’t…. so here’s eight pictures of us having fun last weekend at one of our favorite spots :)

Join Radio Flyer’s The World’s Largest Wagon Mosaic!

Radio Flyer wants you to help them celebrate over 90 years of bringing joy to children! I have fond memories of Radio Flyer, pulling friends, loading it full of stuff to drag around, dressing up my dog and making him ride around… poor thing! These days you still can’t go to a parade without seeing […]

Wordless Wednesday – All dressed up for bridging

My little Brownie bridged to Juniors tonight!! I remember when she was just a little Daisy! How time flies!

Good for the soul! Our First visit to the Lake in 2010

Somehow my brain just skipped right over Wednesday so I missed out on posting my planned Wordless post! I knew I should have scheduled it in! I couldn’t wait until next week to share these fun lake pictures with you though. Last week my daughter’s friend called up late in the afternoon to go to […]

Fly away Butterfly… Fly away!

Whew! It’s dusty around here, pardon me while I brush away all of these cobwebs! I have to admit that since the kids have been home from school my poor blog has been neglected. It seems there is always another dish to wash, load of laundry to do or grass strewn all over the house […]

Wordless Wednesday – Swinging into Summer vacation

Does this scream Freedom or what? I think Pie’s enjoying summer so far :)

Last day of school! Where did the year go?

I had just come in from picking a few rose petals off of my bush when I noticed my daughter’s glasses and my son’s derby car just sitting in the middle of the table. A dusting of petals made for the perfect end of school memories photo :) Next year our son will venture off […]

Wordless Wednesday – Mom feels major Growing Pains

Is it just me or are kids growing way too fast these days? Mr.T. on the right w/ a friend (left) From the kid who’s too cool to stand with his mom and who is now officially taller than said mom….. I did NOT authorize this growing taller than mom bit!! To the girl who […]