Can Jillian Michaels Cleanse & Burn jumpstart my weight loss?

Last week Super G. and I were in the vitamin aisle at Walmart stocking up on garlic pill (they have odorless now, woot!) for him and chewable calcium for me. I glanced up at the top shelf and noticed Jillian Michaels trim self sternly pointing her finger at me. I glanced behind me and then covertly grabbed the package so I could figure out what she was trying to tell me.

America’s Toughest trainer Helps you Lose Weight!

…is what the box proudly proclaimed. I must admit I was taken. Jillian is was my favorite trainer on The Biggest Loser (of course I love Bob too!), and she continues to be a favorite even though she is no longer with the show. If you’ve ever tried the 30 Day Shred dvd, you know she isn’t kidding around.

Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Program

The product I found is a 3 part system in one box that creates the Jillian Michaels JumpStart 14 Day Cleanse & Burn. It claims that the program will reduce belly bloat, increase energy, burn excess body fat, and yep… jumpstart your weight loss program. It was $19.00 at Walmart.

I’m in.

So here’s the schedule for the next 14 days.

First 7 days I will take 2 MetaCaps of the Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse with a large glass of water, twice per day. (morning & night)

Jillian Michaels Cleanse

Then for 7 days I will take 1 Probiotic Metacap per day with a large glass of water.

Jillian Michaels Probiotics

AND 2 Maximum Strength Fat Burner Metacaps twice per day with a large glass of water. (once in the morning and once with my largest meal – lunch or dinner)

Jillian Michaels Fat Burner

I’ll check back in with you in 7 days, so Sunday Aug. 21st. If I make it that far.

I am notorious for not remembering to take medication and pills. Really, I can’t stand swallowing pills of any kind which is why I eat the children’s chewable vitamins and get gummy calcium chews :) Wish me luck!


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  1. 1

    I am excited to hear how this goes for you. I tried it and will tell you my results AFTER you do it!! ;)

  2. 3
    ElliePizNYC says

    All done experimenting. I have tried at least 6 different weight-loss / cleansers. The Lady Soma Detox was the 5th one I tried. I found this to be the most effective in clearing my system out. It takes me a day or two for my system to get into the new routine but it has been smooth sailing all the way.

    I have tried some brands that just didnt seem to have the same clearing out effect that I was hoping for and getting with this product from Lady Soma. I will continue to buy it online.

  3. 4

    I just started the detox nd cleanse part hopefully I see results!!!

  4. 5
    Diane Spencer says

    I Have lost 13 pounds and hit a wall. I picked up the 14 day jumpstart at Walmart on a whim to see if it would re jump start my diet. I am on day number nine. i have lost an additional three pounds. My stomach is flatter then it has been in quite a while so I think it might help with the bloating part. Cant say 100 percent it helped but I am not unhappy with the results

  5. 6

    Losing weight is not as easy at seems, this is probably the reason why others use drugs to shed weight. There are three important factors that will help lose weight, proper eating habits, regular exercise and the right attitude.


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