Happy Thanksgiving and hey what kind of potatoes are you having?

Thanksgiving already! I’m being a weirdo this year and making roasted sweet and white potatoes instead of mashed. Yes that’s right… instead of… not as well as. I don’t think my step-dad was too thrilled with this plan when I cheerily told him my menu idea over the phone the other day. A resounding “OH” […]

I am a __________! Fill in the blank

At Jazzercise class my instructor, Ronda, often stops to tell a short anecdote, joke, thought or event in between the aerobic portion and strength training portion of class while we’re stretching. This morning she talked about something that happened during a yoga class she’s taking. Her yoga instructor likes to end each class with a […]

My itty bitty tiny kitchen

When we moved to this rental almost five years ago (has it been THAT long!) I thought the layout was good. Looking back now I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, besides the fact that we had to move, because the layout stinks! My biggest gripe is the kitchen, if you can even call […]

Getting back into the swing of things

Guess what I’m doing? Typing on my NEW computer!! Woot! Super Genius surprised me on Tuesday when he came home from work with the computer I’ve been drooling over! He got a great deal on a HP Pavilion bundle. This baby is about 100x the computer that our old beast was! He also brought home […]

Hello my abandoned blog, it’s me

Life without a computer is very weird. Weird in a not-so-good way most of the time. Weird as in boring as hell. Or, weird as in I am bored out of my skull. I do find that I have lots of time for other things that I’d rather not be doing… like laundry and cleaning […]

What’s going on with me? Battle of the Fleas!

Whew!! I had some bloggy plans today but things didn’t work out that way. Instead I spent my day cleaning. I vacuumed EVERYTHING – twice – nooks , crannies and all. Mopped, dusted some, threw about 75 magazines out into the recycle bin, really when am I ever going to look at them again? They […]

Blog changes lead to soul searching… Really?

If you’ve visited A Hen’s Nest in the past few days you might have noticed that it looks a little different. We are officially transferred over to self hosted WordPress! This is exciting for me because it’s like opening up a new chapter of my blogging. It’s also very scary because I am often, and […]

Random blabbering and a few fun links :)

I am sick of not getting anything done! I have decided I need my own room to lock myself into. Then maybe I could get something done! Having my small work space in the middle of our tiny kitchen really isn’t conducive to good blog writing. I can’t think when the kids are running around […]

Have a great weekend!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy & Safe Fourth of July weekend!! WOOHOO!

Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve been so very blessed to have had two wonderful Dads in my life. Both loving, caring men who would give the shirt off their back (literally) to those in need. Both men who have helped me through things I’ve faced as a child and a woman. Who have helped my family when we’ve been […]

Last day of school! Where did the year go?

I had just come in from picking a few rose petals off of my bush when I noticed my daughter’s glasses and my son’s derby car just sitting in the middle of the table. A dusting of petals made for the perfect end of school memories photo :) Next year our son will venture off […]

Wordless Wednesday – Mom feels major Growing Pains

Is it just me or are kids growing way too fast these days? Mr.T. on the right w/ a friend (left) From the kid who’s too cool to stand with his mom and who is now officially taller than said mom….. I did NOT authorize this growing taller than mom bit!! To the girl who […]