Happy Father’s Day!

Dad and II’ve been so very blessed to have had two wonderful Dads in my life. Both loving, caring men who would give the shirt off their back (literally) to those in need.

Both men who have helped me through things I’ve faced as a child and a woman. Who have helped my family when we’ve been at our lowest, who’ve both laughed and cried with us throughout our good times and bad.

Lee and IBoth men who have tried their hardest to give their children the best lives they could at whatever cost to themselves.

Even though I miss my Dad more than I ever thought was possible (it never gets easier), I am so thankful and happy that I still have my step-dad. I cannot imagine living my life without having known either of my two Dads.

Chris and II’ve also been lucky enough to find a guy who is a wonderful dad to our kids. A guy that works hard and plays even harder when he lets himself relax. A guy that puts our needs before his and who always makes sure that his family is always taken care of. Thank you for putting up with my whims, silly ideas and indulging me. Even though you annoy me by letting the kids eat too much junk and saying yes to everything they ask, I love you.

I love you all, always & forever.

Happy Father’s Day!


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