Last day of school! Where did the year go?

I had just come in from picking a few rose petals off of my bush when I noticed my daughter’s glasses and my son’s derby car just sitting in the middle of the table. A dusting of petals made for the perfect end of school memories photo :)

Next year our son will venture off to 10th grade and Vo-Tech. He’s on his way to becoming a man and he makes me so very proud. I am continuously amazed at the thoughts and ideas that come out of his head.

Our daughter will head to 4th grade. She’s almost at the end of her elementary school days and in only 2 short years will move up to middle school. She’s using her imagination to become a wonderful writer and artist!

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was laughing as they took their first steps? Wasn’t it last night that I rocked them to sleep in my arms, chubby cheeks laying softly against my shoulder? Wasn’t it only this morning that I hid my tears and encouraged them while they tromped off to their very first days of school? How will this feel in 2 more years when Mr.T. is at graduation? Or 6 more when Pie is blowing out candles on her sweet sixteen? It makes my heart burst with pride, joy and even sometimes sorrow at the way time just races on.

Moms are allowed to be mushy… it’s in the rules!


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  1. 1
    Simply Being Mommy says

    Great pics! I just can't believe the school is over already!!

  2. 2
    crochet lady says

    When I was young with two babies, I remember parents telling me that the growing years sure fly by fast when you have kids and I thought that always sounded strange, but I find myself saying the same thing and thinking how true that really is.

  3. 3

    Goes by way tooo fast and mine aren't even there yet, oldest will be in 2nd grade and middle one starting preschool (hopefully)

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