My itty bitty tiny kitchen

When we moved to this rental almost five years ago (has it been THAT long!) I thought the layout was good. Looking back now I honestly don’t know what I was thinking, besides the fact that we had to move, because the layout stinks! My biggest gripe is the kitchen, if you can even call it that. In my mind a kitchen in the heart of the home. The place where you should be able to gather at the end of the day and relax, do homework, cook together, and sometimes just hang out. Not in my itty bitty teeny tiny kitchen, no way! We’re lucky if we have room for two people to be in it at the same time and forget about trying to cook together or do dishes while someone else is cooking.

drop leaf table

I would love to have this awesome drop leaf table! Look at those storage shelves!

Having too much stuff in our tiny kitchen doesn’t help either. The computer desk, a hutch. extra shelves, the shoe rack, plus the laundry area makes for a very chaotic mess. We had to give away our huge dining room table when we moved here, I miss it so much. We were lucky enough to find a small round table with a leaf that kinda sorta fits but I keep thinking that we should look at some nice drop leaf tables. Maybe we could gain a little bit of space with one since we could easily shrink it when I need more room to move around while I’m baking. The leaf table is a pain to take apart and then where in the world am I supposed to store the leaf at?  There is absolutely no space left in this house where I could cram it!

I need to do a major kitchen reorganization day and just take everything out, sort it, purge it, and put it back. Anyone have tips on how to stay sane in a tiny house with an even tinier kitchen space? I need some serious help!

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    Take out the cubboard & put into boxes things to keep & things to throw away, & things to give away or store somewhere else. Do on section at a time so not to be over welm. Then plan out how you what it to work for you. Wishing you LUCK on your kithcen reorganiztion. If you need any more advise i’m right next ya, mom

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    I had such a small place and now living in double the space I am excited as I never really found a way to organize my tiny kitchen, drove me crazy!

  3. 3

    I so feel you. My kitchen is TINY too, but it’s Army housing. Not much I can do about it until we move on to the next place.

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