Hello my abandoned blog, it’s me

Life without a computer is very weird. Weird in a not-so-good way most of the time. Weird as in boring as hell. Or, weird as in I am bored out of my skull. I do find that I have lots of time for other things that I’d rather not be doing… like laundry and cleaning and yelling at my dog for chewing her butt. I also have lots of time for things that aren’t so bad… like shopping, cooking actual meals and reading.

Yesterday Super Genius and I painted the living room. It’s something I just haven’t had time for before and thought we might as well get done since I’ve got nothing but time! We painted over the boring beige with a two tone green, Sanctuary for the top and Oregano Spice for the bottom. I L-Ov-E it! The living room now has a warm and cozy feeling to it that I think will make us happier in the upcoming winter.

Reading is something I’ve been only doing at night before I fall asleep but since there’s no computer at the moment I’ve been reading during the day too. Luckily my friend and Jazzercise instructor has the Outlander series and I’m in love with it. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is a heart-wrenching historical novel that made me laugh, cry and want to kill off a character all at the same time. I finished the first book in less than two days and just picked up the second and third novels, plus The Outlandish Companion, from my friend to read this weekend. Have you read this series? I cannot believe I’ve never heard of it before and cannot wait to see what happens.

Saturday our little Pie turns the big TEN! Double digits holy cow! She is having her coveted “Bowling Party” and made me write on all of her friend’s invitations – “Wear an 80’s bowling outfit” – What the heck is that? I don’t know but they are going to have a blast! Bowling parties are expensive I have found! Then we’re having a big slumber party with 4 or 5 of her friends staying over. Hopefully it’s warm enough for them to get some trampoline jumping in (Thanks Springfree!) to get rid of some energy before we do a craft and watch the new Tinkerbell movie (Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue) she’s getting as one of her gifts.

Next week my brother is coming home for a visit! He got back from Kuwait a few weeks ago and will be making his visiting rounds soon. We’re excited to see him and the kids!

So, as you can tell I am trying very very hard to keep busy busy busy. It’s not easy though! I’m still not sure if any of my pictures, emails or anything else will be able to be rescued from my crashed hard drive. I am hoping to hear something soon but as you can imagine my computer troubles are probably not the most important thing that my friend’s army friend has to do. Super Genius and I have been looking at new computer prices at the store but haven’t been impressed with how much its going to cost so are doing a wait and see thing right now. We are hoping to have either a new, used or pieced together something within the next few weeks. I’m so behind in reviews and giveaways now that I don’t think I’ll ever catchup but that just means we’ll be having lots of fun as soon as I’m up and running again!


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    I’m really wanting to repaint our living room. The color was mixed wrong at the shop so it’s more gold than warm brown (um, three years ago). Not sure what I want to do with it now!

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