Back to reality – plus my Workout Playlist

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Everything has been going great with my new workout schedule! Except for the past week of sickness where you’ll notice an absence of working out on my part, blah. I really dislike being sick. Spending the last 4 days or so in my pjs, plus missing a few days of working out really put a damper on my spirits. But, tomorrow is a new day and I am feeling better now. 

These past few weeks have again reawakened my love of how good it makes me feel when I am taking care of my body. Not only that, spending time with a friend does wonders for my attitude as well. I don’t really have friends outside of my family so when I have the chance to spend an hour two, three, four times a week with someone, it makes me happy. It’s nice to have someone to talk to and it’s nice not to talk as well. When you have a person beside you, working for a similar goal and egging you on, it’s so much easier to just keep going. 

I’m looking forward to getting back on the elliptical tomorrow evening! WooHoo! I love taking along my cell and just plugging in my earphones and going. I bought these AMAZING Yurbuds Ironman sport earphones from Amazon I loved them so much that I had to buy another pair!

Now I have one pair for home on the computer and one pair just for working out :) I am committed! Here’s my current Spotify playlist. I’ve been adding and deleting songs, trying to find that perfect workout playlist. I actually upgraded to Spotify premium so I could take my playlists with me and am loving it! I think I’ll keep it since it makes life much easier since I can just stream my playlists instead of trying to create new ones on a free service. What’s on yours?

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    Woot! Go girl!!

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    Eye of the Tiger was my high school theme song (we were the Tigers) LOL. Awesome songs and keep kicking ass.

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