A little Construction going on!

Yes I know that some things are messy at the moment! I am having fun trying to learn everything I can in WordPress and in the Atahualpa Theme I am using. It’s an adventure! The kind souls at the theme’s forum are very helpful!

After spending two days revamping all of my categories and tags I think the site is (hopefully!) a little easier to get around! There is still so much that I want to do! Little by little the changes are starting to make sense. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this process. I have some fun reviews and giveaways waiting to be posted so hang in a little bit longer and you will be rewarded!


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    If you need any help, let me know. I will answer any questions you have and help you solve any issues if I can. :)

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      Thanks Shan! I really do appreciate it and just may take you up on that sometime! So far so good! I’m just trying not to worry too much!

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        Sarah told me she passed on the WP for Dummies book to you. I hope it’s helping. Just let me know. I work with this theme all the time lately. :)

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    haha Yeah your categories/tags were plentiful ;) Don’t forget you have 30 days of service included so don’t hesitate to contact me when you need help! I’m glad you’re getting a better feel for it and hope you enjoy being on the WordPress platform! :)

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      Oops… that should have said 30 days of “support” included :)

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        Oh I know, those tags are ridiculous and I still have a ton but will leave that for another time! I was going to email and ask you about permalinks. If I change them in my dashboard settings to not include the dates (it would be just the post title) does that make the new ones I’ve already put out there break again? Or affect the category link structure? I was reading that the shorter the permalink the better but don’t want to change it AGAIN if it will break them again kwim?

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          If you change the permalink structure it will break the links coming in but you do have that plugin that will match the slugs and direct it to thqe correct post.

          *sent via HTC Aria on the AT&T network

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    Good luck, I’m sure you will love WP!!

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