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Biz Stain Fighter Laundry booster

If you asked me what my least favorite household chore was, I would without a doubt answer laundry. I have never enjoyed the process of searching my family's clothing for stains, treating and washing and then putting it all away. Laundry is just not fun in any way. Sadly, that doesn't mean it can be ignored, laundry has a way of piling up sneakily in corners and under tween-age beds, if you aren't careful.

When I was asked to review the Biz Stain Fighter laundry booster, I thought Ugh, laundry. But then I remembered that I had plenty of dirty clothes to try it out on so gladly accepted the offer. I learned that Biz Stain Fighter comes in two formulas – liquid detergent booster to help your regular detergent rid your laundry of stains and Biz Powder, a multi-purpose cleaner that can be used as a detergent booster to fight stains, as well as a product that can help with those tough household cleaning jobs such as tubs, showers, toilets, patios and more.

While this versatile product can be used for more than just laundry stains, I knew that I had to try Biz Stain Fighter powder on one specific piece of clothing — my daughter's white hoodie.

A few months ago, my daughter begged me for a white hoodie. I gave her "the look" then tried to talk her out of it but in the end, I just bought it for her. Of course, I regretted it. She's a 12 year old kid and that in itself is enough to ward any parent away from snow white clothing of any kind.

Within hours, the sleeves, cuffs, pockets and even the hood had started to look dirty. *Sigh. My daughter now sported a classic dingy white hoodie.

When the box of Biz Stain Fighter powder arrived. I put it to the test. Following the directions, I presoaked my daughter's white hoodie for 4 hours using my washer's soak setting (these stains are set in and old so I wanted to make sure to give the stain fighter time to work, the directions suggest 1-4 hours or to make a paste and let set). I threw in her bright purple hoodie as well, might as well freshen it up at the same time.

stained white hoodie

Just look at those dirty cuffs and all of that staining, yuck!

Since the agitator in my washer was also a bit dirty, I used a sponge to clean it with the Biz Powder/water solution. I should have taken a before photo of it but I will say that Biz worked very well to remove the hard water build up that was all along the edges. I do plan to try it out on a few other things in the house soon.

washing hoodies with Biz Stain Fighter

After the soaking, I washed the hoodies as I normally would with their regular detergent. What a difference! I was really surprised by how well Biz Stain Fighter Powder worked, most of the staining is gone (as I said, they were well set in and old stains so I don't expect perfection) and the white hoodie is now bright and clean, it truly looks white instead of dingy!

The product didn't cause any bleeding from the purple hoodie so both of my daughter's favorite hoodies are now cleaner than ever and ready for Spring weather (as soon as it stops snowing)!

Clean hoodie after using Biz Stain Fighter

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Now, I want to know — What is your least favorite household chore? Spill it!

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  1. I have never used Biz. I’ve wanted to many times, but still haven’t. I think I’ll definitely give it a try! My least favorite chore is cleaning bathrooms. Hate, hate hate it!

  2. My mother used to use Biz, but I haven’t used it myself. I guess I’m just set in my ways and buy what I’ve always bought.

  3. I haven’t tried it, but my daughter (just turned 14) has the same sweatshirt and it stayed white for the same amount of time, so if I see the Biz I will be sure to pick it up and give it a try. Any product that works on set stains gets an A+ in my book.

  4. I am such a lousy laundry person. I never pre-treat anything. As you can imagine my whites are more on the yellow side. I should give Biz a try. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I used Biz 20 years ago to get baby clothes clean and white again after they had been stored in the basement for 3 yrs between my kids who were almost 3 yrs apart. They had yellowed over time, I soaked them for 4 or 5 hours and they were white again and even old stains had been removed. I started using it on the new baby’s clothes and never had to worry about formula, or food stains. The clothes stayed clean and white. I’ve since recommended it to a friend who had a new baby and she also says she would never be without it. I works wonders. I’ve used it for years and now use it on my husbands work clothes and it gets the ground in dirt out of his clothes. Love Biz

  6. I didn’t try Biz yet, but now after I read this post maybe I would give it a try.It sounds to be very effective.

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